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    1. munkifisht

      Amateur mistake, if the swan have of stopped for a second it would have realised the dog didn’t have an arm it could break.

    1. Starina

      dogs are hardly part of wild nature. If a fox had killed a cygnet that’d be different but dogs are domestic – somebody(s) let their dogs off the leash and they killed a swan.

  1. CousinJack

    Dog owners and their sense of entitlement to foul public spaces, harrass children and harm wild life.
    responsible dog owner = oxymoron

    1. Kill The Poor

      This might seem like a snap judgement but you are a moron CousinJack.

      Most dog owners I see, myself included, pick up and dispose of their dogs poo’s, keep their dogs on leads and spend more time outdoors admiring the wild life due to dog walking then your average couch potato.

      If idiots such as yourself and ingrained a fear of dogs in your children its not the dogs fault if little johnny & mary start crying at the mere sight of a dog.

      Or maybe you just live in a really crap area, again not the dogs fault.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Not all but a lot.
      They seem to think it’s ok cause the little critters have fur and droopy eyes.

    3. CousinJack

      As there is no point in debating with dog owners, I have provided links to generally neutral sources.


      Of course to dog owners a child been bitten by a dog is the childs fault for not behaving properly around the dog. Jaysus

      1. Kill The Poor

        I never said it was the child’s fault.
        I said it was the parents !

        Dogs are animals teach your children how to behave around them, it’s not a trained dogs fault if someone’s precious brat that’s never been told no grabs it’s tail and pulls !

        You’re still an idiot.

  2. Tucker Done

    “Most dog owners I see, myself included, pick up and dispose of their dogs poo’s, keep their dogs on leads and spend more time outdoors admiring the wild life due to dog walking then your average couch potato.”

    The average couch potato is probably not the best person to compare against.

  3. Eulich McGee

    There is no way the swan was protecting a nest at this time of year so It must have been ailing anyway for it not to fly away from the dogs. Dogs can be viscous bastards but they are not sneaky enough or quick enough to get birds unlike cats that kill millions of songbirds every year and nobody gives a one eyed toss about that.

    As most owners here say, the vast majority of us do pick up after our dogs, it’s usually older owners who don’t, from a generation when the streets were literally paved in shit and dogs roamed the streets unchecked.

    As for leads, lets get some context. If dogs are well trained they are far better off in open spaces off the lead ( with the exception of sighthound and sled dog breeds who do not recall) , it takes any tension out of meeting other dogs and people, they are free to sniff and greet other dogs naturally, when restrained by a lead it is more common for them to become agressive as they feel powerless to find out if the newcomer is friendly however If a dog is insufficently well socialised to be off a lead and will not recall on comand then it should not only be restrained, it should also be wearing a muzzle.

    Of course on the streets a lead is absolutely neccesary, however most dogs pose no threat to people, wildlife or each other. Teach your children not to throw their hands up in the air when a dog approaches and the dogs will not jump up and we will continue to train our animals not to savage you!

  4. pissedasanewt

    I love dogs, but not all their owners and I wouldn’t blame the elderly either.

    Such as ‘responsible’ owners that hang poo filled bags off the railings around some of the trees in the Phoenix park. Like decorations for a sh1t Christmas. Just because its hanging off a railing doesn’t make it cleaner…

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