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We asked: Fancy taking THREE of your friends or relatives or office whatnots around [Dublin] city on November 13 on a food-stuffed ‘Lost and Found’ trail courtesy of Totally Dublin and Heineken?

We also asked: tell us the best thing you’ve ever found.

You replied to both in your dozens.

Runners up:

PaddyLastNovember: Not sure this is the BEST thing I ever found but as a kid it was pretty exciting. We found a dead body floating in a lake that we had gone fishing in.

Gaz: I came home after a night out and found a lump of dog (or human!?!) shit at my front door, well I didn’t so much as find it but step in it. Anywho to make a long story short I took it as a sign to head out to the shops and but a nice pair of brouges. Been lookin’ dapper ever since!

MeSarah: I found a hidden waterfall in New Zealand with families of friendly baby seals playing in the water :)

Dubrugger: I found a bag of weed in Paolo Nutinis dressing room at Electric Picnic, also he’s a messy b*****d. His mother would not be proud.


Mort: I was in San Francisco on a J1 in 1998. One day when I was tying my shoe lace I found a men’s gold wedding ring at the side of the road, near where we lived. I brought it to the local precinct to hand it in. The cop looked at me like I’d three heads and told me to keep it. I meant several times to pawn it but never got round to it even though I hadn’t a dollar to rub together. Back in college in Limerick again, in similar financial circumstances I intended to pawn it but couldn’t locate a pawn shop, there was no cash for golds back then. It was a serious chunk of gold, I thought I’d at least get enough for a night out from it. The next summer I went to work in Munich and found myself again in the poor house or tent as it was. Brought it to a jewellers which advertised as per my basic German “we buy silver and gold”. After much sceptical questioning as to how I acquired the ring the old dude in the shop ran various tests to determine the quality of the gold. He declared that he didn’t know what the ring was made of but it definitely wasn’t gold but he’d give me, I don’t know what the offer was, something like €10. I figured as he still wanted to buy it the guy was yanking my crank so I declined the offer. A year later, now in college in Dublin I was skint again and needed money for a few beers so I took the ring to the pawn shop in Harolds Cross. My story now was that I had been left the ring by my Grandad. The guy in the shop, said he couldn’t take it off me officially as it was probably robbed but he’d give me €20 for it. At this stage I was convinced the ring was worth upward of a hundred quid so I hung on to it. 7 years later I got engaged, I wasn’t particularly flush by any means and the last thing I had to buy before the big day was my own wedding ring. Finally the ring was going to pay off, I convinced my wife on the day that I bought it in a vintage jewellers in Belfast, an elaborate lie, why lie? I dunno I just did. The ring was way to big for me but I’m wearing it to this day and I’ve grown in to it. If my wife is ever worried I’d take it off on a lads weekend away or anything she need not because I have a permanent green ring stained onto my wedding finger, I’m pretty sure now the ring is brass, possibly a washer dropped my a plumber in San Francisco in 1998.

Thanks all.

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