54 thoughts on “Another Dose Of PD

  1. bisted

    …hah…see what you did there…’no one one forgets’…you’ll throw out the manifesto on a typo technicality like the yanks.

  2. Stewart Curry

    Joe Bloggs
    Joe, is 37 years old and like his candidate brothers, hails from City. He has been involved in the local CLUB. He has won numerous awards in Sport. He has won numerous awards in Sport.

    1. Custo

      I see that and raise you:

      “John Bloggs

      A family man with 3 young children. A home owner, working in the encription and financial sector. John has a degree in Information Technology and a Masters in Applied Maths from Univercity Colege Ireland*.”

        1. ahjayzis

          Eh, haven’t you heard?

          ‘User Pays’ is a principle that is of itself an absolute good.

          Someone needs to keep up with his dogma >_>

  3. Zaccone

    How do people in this day and age still come up with such shoddy websites/logos? Surely everyone has at least one vaguely techie mate/relative who’ll spend an hour knocking up a template site and logo for you for the price of a pint or two?

  4. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

    “we have the knowledge and “know how” to run you constituency.”

    You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

  5. scottser

    First of all we’ll “keep our promises”
    that reads like they have their fingers crossed behind their backs.

    1. delacaravanio

      Yeah, and the unnecessary capitalisation and quotation marks in their ‘education is “The Answer”‘ line makes me wonder if the answer they speak of is some new age religious mumbo jumbo invented by a mad cult leader:

      “The Answer” helped me turn my life around and finally accept the Dark Lord Odin into my life. It is the only education anyone needs.

    1. Brian

      They pronounce the name differently – its PROGressive Democrats instead of PrOgressive Democrats. Subtle yet important difference.

      1. delacaravanio

        They’re more prog rock than prog politics…

        A new Genesis in Irish politics…

        I’ll get me coat.

        1. Brian

          Ive heard it rumoured that Jim Bloggs has a bit of ‘glug glug vroom vroom smashey washey’ in his background – will be interesting to see if that comes out at election time.

  6. Jess

    I like the way “keep our promises” is in inverted commas. At least theyre honest about their dishonesty

  7. Happy Molloy

    PDs weren’t all bad, failed spectacularly in the end of course but had a lot of good influence too when we truly were a mono cultural Vatican influenced state.

    the low corp tax was their initiative for example

    1. scottser

      yeah but for every low coporation tax rate initiative you get a two-tier health system and a racist citizenship referendum.

  8. Kolmo

    Want is not required in Ireland is a party further to the right of what we have running the show, all that will happen is that they’ll sell the state off to their buddies a lot quicker.

    1. ahjayzis

      Well, according to the Indo, Saint Lucinda is going to save us all.

      Ireland is desperately calling out for a carbon copy of Fine Gael with the subtle difference that they’re anti-marriage equality and even more pro womb-nationalisation.

  9. Prigrissive Dimicrit

    I’m looking forward to their “Finacne” manifesto. It might tell me how many penny sweets I can get for a pound.

  10. C Sharp

    Placeholder site. Weird that it’s visible at all.
    I’d guess it’s someone who is using t’internet to articulate their plan for world domination and chanced upon the domain.

    I doubt it will go any further.

  11. Zynks

    As a more liberal/left wing voter, I still welcome the formation of a new PD party and I also hope the Greens get back on their feet. Ireland is a bit of a black widow for small parties on coalition governments, they end up being blamed for a lot that they shouldn’t be.

    I would rather vote PDs and Greens than FF, FG or SF. I’ll get my coat now, no interest in the covert pro-mainstream party discourse disguised as a hatred for the smaller parties.

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