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Denis O’Brien (Top) and Balkan heartthrob Vladimir Savčić (above)


Bonzor writes:

Denis O’Brien, not just your local media mogul, petrol head, water-meter monster. He also moonlights as Serbian pop star Vladimir Savčić.


16 thoughts on “Denis Match

    1. bisted

      …he’s right Broadsheet…you need a change of scenery…I believe Malta is very pleasant this time of year.

      1. Soundings

        Yep, his feelings are priceless (or worth €750,000 in Mirror libel case about corruption, €150,000 in Mail libel case about hypocrisy or €5,000 in the Southern Star case about media interference).

    1. Suspendered Animation

      There are only about 150 different facial types in Ireland. Fact.

      And about 100 of them are variations of potato head (no offence, I love potato headed men)

  1. PhilJo

    Is this a cunning exit strategy on the part of Broadsheet, get Dinny to buy yis out in order to stop coverage of himself, siteserv and IW and focus on the promotion of sensible FG government?

  2. Quint

    The Serbian singer looks about 10 to 15 years younger, does not have grey hair and has a different hairstyle…Yep, the spit of each other.

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