Slash, clean for more years than he can remember, played with Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators in The Point 3 Arena last night (above).

Slash recalls first time playing sober onstage (Loudwire)

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15 thoughts on “To Bono

    1. Drogg

      It’s probably another ploy to try and make him seem cool and relevant like doing a song about joey ramone for a huge corporation and saying that it’s a punk thing to do while spitting on the legacy of punk and the ramones.

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        “doing a song about joey ramone for a huge corporation”

        So the song was written specifically for a corporation? Or was it just that the corporation used the already written song in some advertising?

        1. Drogg

          Well it’s more a case of doing an album that is completely nonpunk using one of the gods of punks name, then selling the entire thing for 300million to a huge corporation. Out of all the things I dislike about Bono that is one of the biggest d**k moves I have him pull off.

  1. Soundings

    “thanks for the load of alcohol when I’m trying to keep sober”

    Sarky little fecker isn’t he, who misses Guinness so much he can’t even spell it right.

      1. Soundings

        Well, enunciation would be tops of course to avoid “Like a virgin touched for the thirty-first time” and “Might as well face it, you’re a dick with a glove” but literacy would be up there.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    Tbf, it was probably someone in the record label/U2 headquarters that sent it, not Bono himself. Cause he probably doesn’t even care Slash is in town.

    1. munkifisht

      I think they care in so much as they care about Dublin and it’s place on the musical map of the world.

  3. Owen

    Bono (or someone in his name) sends the same thing to every big act that comes over here.

    Still I’m sure the rest of his band drink, the self-centered fup!

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