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This morning.

Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer, Diageo, at the launch of Open Gate Pure Brew, “a full flavoured, NON-ALCOHOLIC beer“.


Says Mark:

Fully brewed and fully fermented with an ABV of 0.5%, Open Gate Pure Brew is available in 330ml bottles and will be initially rolled out to 250 pubs in Dublin from January 2018 with wider distribution nationally in Ireland from March.


Open Gate


Secret of Life.

The best Guinness ad you’ve never seen.

Liam O’Neill writes:

A friend of mine in the US [Miami Ad School student Tadhg Ennis, who is working as a bartender to pay for tuition] made this vid as a college project and I think it’s suitable for the day that’s in it….



Aunties GeekEasy [Damon and George] write:

Juuuust in time for St Patricks Day we made a video on a little theory about alcohol…



The Bartender

Boys, Boys, Boys writes:

A lovely video about some locals adjusting to their new bartender. Enjoy.