13 thoughts on “Cork Blocking

  1. Tom Stewart

    Ok, I’m not excusing this (because he is clearly on the footpath) but as much as they pi$s me off, delivery vans have to deliver I suppose. My question is: when they stop on main roads, fling on the hazards and make everyone just go around them, are they doing anything wrong, or something necessary?

    1. Mr. Camomile T

      I once overheard one van driver tell another to park on the double yellows rather than parking in an on-street parking zone. His explanation was that a delivery vehicle can be ticketed for not displaying a parking ticket while stopped in a parking zone, but a delivery vehicle can legally stop for up to 30 minutes on a double yellow line.

      I have absolutely no idea if this is correct or not.

  2. Johnny Unitus

    I suppose by right they need to go and find a proper parking space and cart their goods to the shop.

  3. DixieDean

    Couldn’t actually see what the issue was until I read the comments. Come on, there must be more pressing things out there!

  4. Kill The Poor

    UP THE DUBS !!

    Take a spoon of your own medicine culchies, maybe now you’ll stop slowly driving about the Capital without having checked a map first and then parking ‘country style’ whereever you feel.

  5. Eulich McGee

    There is a woefull lack of delivery parking spaces and when you find them they are usually occupied by some tool who has just “nipped into the bank” or likewise. Even if uou do get one then waiting time is limited.

    Personally I deliver and install large display units, they weigh over 200kgs. even on a dolly they are killers to manouver over rough surfaces, up curbs or steps. more than a few meters up hill is crippling., so yes, parking in pedestrian areas and on double yellows are necessary in many towns and as installation takes me over an hour and a 30foot long truck doesn’t fit in your average parking space I just add the expected cost of a ticket into every job.

    the only no no is blocking disabled access or parkingvin disabled bays, otherwise any space will do.

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