21 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Waterloo Road

    1. Sinabhfuil

      Yeah, and whatever nutty thing they vote in, they won’t have to live with it, because they’re *not living there*.

      1. munkifisht

        It’s a pretty bigoted remark OP’s making. Essentially the Romanians, who we all know come universally from caravans, are almost exclusively prostitutes and drug dealers and are over here taking our jobs, well even those maggots can vote when abroad. Vote?! VOTE!? Sure are they not all commies? Whereas the magnificent, untarnishable Irish can’t. SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU YE C**T (or something to that effect)!

        1. I, Scooperman

          Or else Romania is an underdeveloped country so it’s surprising they have forward thinking election policies

        2. Fredtheninja

          Christ, relax. would love to go for a pint with you sometime! Totally agree with the poster below, quite a backward country with a forward think electoral system. That’s pretty much it.

        3. UpYours

          Taking your jobs? Well let’s do some “math”. They have no contacts here, some don’t know the language and still manage to ‘take your jobs’. I’m pretty sure they’re not the problem you can’t get the job they have. As per the drug dealing and prostitution issue, pretty sure every country has their own. Know their history and stop fuppin judging. Our world is already fupped up as it is.

  1. PunNua

    Fair play. I believe some were queuing from 6.30am.
    That’s dedication and respect for their democracy.
    I wish we could say the same for Irish voters!

  2. NiloMcD

    It’s the Romanians living abroad who will drive change back there so cotal that they can vote from here

  3. lordwilmore

    I’m no good at judging the size of crowds but I’d say there’s about 17million of then there

  4. Jim Computer

    Excuse me, but am I the only one here who thinks that this post shows Romanian people in a positive light?
    -FFS, they care enough to queue up to vote, which is more than most Irish people I know would be bothered doing.

    Casual racism.
    It’s a disease that makes you sick if you don’t have it.

  5. Jim Computer

    Okay, I’m not the only one here, etc…
    I apologise.

    It was ‘soundings’ and ‘sinabhfuil’ who set me off.

    (Footnote: Why do both of those pseudonyms make me think 1970’s?)

  6. tia o'connor

    I was there from 10.45 to 18.45, I queued for 8 HOURS!!!! Some 3300 people voted and there were quite a few (hundreds) who couldn’t, despite waiting for long hours, as the vote had to end, by law, at 21.00.

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