21 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

    1. Jim Computer

      G’wan the Chris…
      I like it.
      Nice one!

      Everyone knows that darkness is caused by the moon.
      Who elected this g*bshite?

      1. cluster

        Clearly, a lot of the protests are not about water.

        They’re about privatisation, they’re about finding a scapegoat and a punch bag at end of Celtic Tiger, they’re about the strain of ambivalence that runs deep in our psyche about contributing to society. They’re about an unwillingness to accept the end of the FF delusion that personal & corporate races can be slashed and property receipts used to pay for everything instead.

        They’re about many things other than merely water.

        1. cluster

          They’re about the idea that Bord Gais can win a tender based on certain expertise, then go and sell that division to Centrica and throw consultants fees at the problem.

    1. Jim Computer

      Joking aside, that IS the only solution left at this stage.
      We need a revolution, as in French. (Or Jobstown.)
      The political classes are too far removed from the people, for at least two generations, and getting worse and worse with every election.

      I have young children, and it sickens me that the best advice I’ll ever be able to give them is to emigrate.
      It breaks my heart, and I know I’m not alone.

      Joan Brutal is only the visible face of it all.
      -A sacrificial lamb to Fine Gael’s austerity program, and a bigger fool for it..
      (Labour, will you ever learn? Actually, it doesn’t matter. It’s too late now. You’re finished.)

      The rest of them in government see us and hold us in the same contempt, and if they were stuck in her position they’d make the same gaffes as she does.
      Maybe even worse.

      I don’t know.

      1. Sidewinder

        Remind us – how did the french revolution work out? Were things fixed after it? How are things now? You talk of your kids options but France has a youth unemployment rate just .2% lower than ours. Violent revolution isn’t about social change, it’s about revenge and it rarely works.

      2. Mani

        Eh. Try a source other than your secondary school history book when calling for another French revolution.

    1. Jim Computer

      Oops, I mean the Left side.
      Y’know, the one Labour used to be on, a long, long time ago.
      The Pre-Rabbite years, if anyone cares to remember.

    2. cluster

      People who talk about the right side or the correct side are dangerous.

      Whet being ‘left’ means is not a simple binary decision. Bringing in property tax is arguably one of the most left-wing govt decisions for a long time. Somehow our left wing doesn’t agree.

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