Three Little Buds



Marley Natural.

A ‘global marijuana brand’ Inspired by Bob Marley’s religious dedication to the ‘erb and general natty dreadness.

We’ll have what Bob smoked.

Once it’s legally sound to do so.


Bob Marley to Front Global Marijuana Brand (Billboard)

Marley Natural 

Thanks Barry H

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23 thoughts on “Three Little Buds

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Yep, he had melanoma which was believed to be, by him, to be a ‘white’ man’s cancer and he didn’t seek treatment for it because of the fair skin connection…. by the time he came to the realisation this could kill him, it was too late.
        That recent movie ‘Marley’ does a good bit on it. Great doc too…. best Bob doc I’ve seen.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      There are no definitive studies connecting cancer and smoking the herb. Reason being, that over whelming majority of studies on cannabis and cancer had impure test subjects due to the fact that most herb and hashish is smoked by mixing it with tobacco.

      1. Corvo

        Whether it contributes to lung cancer or not isn’t entirely clear, but there are other health risks to the lungs and other parts of the body besides cancer.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Oh, I agree, I just thought Mayor Quimby’s mentioning that Bob died of cancer coupled with “just like the Marlboro Man” might be interpreted as the same thing, which it isn’t :)

          Peace out an’ em…. yeah, stuff like :)

  1. Clampers Outside!

    I’ll admit that I have been turned to the idea of legalisation recently, but… there’s always one…. but the idea of a global brand, a CORPORATION (?), is wholly repulsive. Might as well stick “Doob By Heineken” or something on it, and we’re back to square one…

    1. JimmytheHead

      i think the important thing is that its farmed safely, taxed and taken away from criminals so we can use the profits for the good of the people….

      wait, im confused now

  2. JunkFace

    Everybody does drugs in all walks of life, be it currently illegal drugs, or prescription drugs (including Dr.Feelgoods).

    Governments will give in to reality in the end, like in the US and some other countries, but it will take ages here as our politicians are cowardly, retarded people.

  3. natural mystic

    mmm janis joplin heroin…

    branded drugs? THAT”S THE SPIRIT OF BOB MARLEY for sure. Isnt there bob Marley coffee too?

    make it legal to grow few plants for home use. No brand, no selling.

    1. delacaravanio

      There’s nothing that the Marley family won’t put his name on. Sad that they’ve turned him into Krusty the Klown considering his legacy and the beauty of his music.

      At least unlike the outrageously expensive Bob Marley ® bluetooth speakers, he might actually have buy some weed while he was still alive.

  4. JimmytheHead

    Cannabis is already regulated for medicinal research and for some very serious cases (symptoms of cancer, treatment of MS etc) it can legally be prescribed in Ireland, although your doctor doesnt just hand you a bag of weed and some papers. The tincture/pill form of THC has been available for over a decade over the counter.

    Yet I still have to go out and buy on the street off some random dealer if I want to make re-runs of Big Bang theory funny. Go figure

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