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Garden of Mild Forgetfulness Remembrance, Dublin 1.

Rob Reeves writes:

I went out yesterday and asked some 4/20 protesters if weed should be legalised…

If they’re not careful they could end up like this. Or even this.

Rob Reeves Films


The controversial pre-Xmas Garda weed haul (top) and bare faced cheek (above)

Richard Creedon writes:

Just before Christmas day, An Garda Siochana put up this picture (above) of a small bag of cannabis and a cannabis grinder on their official page. This is to do with Operation Thor [anti-burglary crackdown] as far as I can tell.

Currently, the picture has been liked thousands of times with numerous comments [ridiculing the haul] having 1000+ likes and some comments have 4000+ likes. It has also been shared by The LadBible which has a reach of 11 million and has currently been shared over 4000 times by them. Even the Rubber Bandits have gotten involved in the comment section.

It looks like a major backlash against the guards by the youth of Ireland for arresting users of small amounts of cannabis…


Cannabis find, Operation Thor (Facebook)


Coming soon.

‘Legal Pot Smoker’ writes:

Items from the the goodie bag from the International Drug Policy Reform Conference 2015 held last week in Washington DC including hemp lip balm, shampoo, soap and a ‘Mary Jane’ cannabis coated sweet which are going to be huge in Ireland once cannabNOMNOMNOM…




Chewy Grinder.

A spliffing, ‘erb crunching, Irish-made solution to the daily grind with inventive and amusing  crowd funding video (above).

Dundalk, Co Louth-based Grinder writes:

The Chewy’s patented internal grinding mechanism has been tested with great success on the toughest stickiest herbs available. Over 120 prototypes were built and tested before our engineering team was happy with the grinding results.
We really needed to reinvent herb grinders. Our brief was simple, we had to design a grinder that could…store, grind and load your herb anywhere using one hand. It needed to look great, and still be ergonomic for people with poor hand movement. It needed to be discreet. The result is the Chewy.

Finally, in fairness.

Make it so [link below].

Chewy Herb Grinder (Indiegogo)


Marley Natural.

A ‘global marijuana brand’ Inspired by Bob Marley’s religious dedication to the ‘erb and general natty dreadness.

We’ll have what Bob smoked.

Once it’s legally sound to do so.


Bob Marley to Front Global Marijuana Brand (Billboard)

Marley Natural 

Thanks Barry H