Bro Na hÉireann



From left: Dublin GAA’s Paul Flynn, writer Michael Harding and telly’s Brendan O’Connor

Snaps from Pieta House’s ‘controversial‘ inaugural International Men’s Day event, With Men In Mind, in the Powerscourt Theatre, Dublin last night.

An evening of discussion and ‘manter’ on what it “means to be a man in Ireland today”.

Guests also included John Evoy, Founder of Men’s Sheds Ireland and Pieta House therapist, John Searson.

Just dudes happy to open up with other dudes about dude stuff.

*snaps towel*

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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20 thoughts on “Bro Na hÉireann

    1. Nially

      I think the muppets replying to her with “No girls allowed in this comment thread!!!” come across worse, in fairness

      1. Rep

        Pieta House, famous for organising bro-fest nights involving discussions revolving around beer, boobs-and-football banter.

  1. Buzz

    I like Michael Harding, he’s charming and fun. He said something in his column this week about learning to live with his lonliness that everyone will relate to at some point or another. He’s the best thing about The Irish Times at the moment.

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