Death Stare Registration





Andrew Shortt writes:

“Filling in the form to register to vote this morning, in advance of the deadline tomorrow [If you wish to vote in the same sex marriage referendum next year], I noticed the smiley happy faces on the front cover… except the lad with the death stare! He’s not at all happy with the idea apparently…”

18 thoughts on “Death Stare Registration

  1. Don'twanttobethatguy

    Is it bad form to say that tomorrow is the deadline to get on the draft register, but anyone can get on the supplemental register until 15 days before a referendum? Just seems weird that people keep calling tomorrow the deadline for the referendum…

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Because tomorrow IS the deadline, the supplemental is intended to catch the last few slow coaches, people with legitimate reason for being late …and the muppets who can barely tie their shoelaces together.

      1. italia'90

        Hang on their cotton socks.
        Have you ever been removed from the register with no notice or explanation?
        Have you ever been removed from the register for 6 years in a row? Again with no explanation.
        It’s not always the voters fault. I hope this at least makes you think a little more about the incompetence/indifference or shenanigans in our local government system.
        (And yes I have contacted them every year by phone, email, RFA2 forms and finally through my solicitor)

    2. DepthChargeEthel

      Thanks for clarifying that, the boy turns 18 in March and we wanted to clarify if he could get on the register then if there is enough time before the actual vote but nobody would respond to my queries. Nice one!!

      1. Sheila

        Could be a deadline for your lad DepthChargeEthel. I remember I turned 18 in time for a General Election, but I wasn’t 18 enough or 18 in time :/

        Just saying, don’t get your hope up

      2. Sidewinder

        I’m still a bit unclear on it tbh. I think if you register after tomorrow you won’t be on the draft register until 2016? My understanding is that you can only apply for the supplemental register once the date of the referendum has actually been announced. Then you have from the day of the announcement up to 15 days before the vote. And you have to apt for a postal vote somewhere within that period too. So even if you apt for the draft register in January you won’t be on the supplemental register?

        1. italia'90

          I believe they will be able to vote if they fill out an RFA2 form available from your local council, library or local politico will help no doubt. Just don’t go to the garda station, they are the least helpful in my experience.

          1. Anne

            Just don’t go to the garda station, they are the least helpful in my experience

            How so, if you don’t mind me asking Italia90?

            Form RFA 2 and the RFA 3, require a garda stamp and signature.
            They have to be helpful!

  2. Joxer

    lots of folk looking like other folk in that photo.

    death scare guy = brina kennedy (is that his name? northern irish singer)
    aul wan to his right = hint of Dana about her.
    aul fella behind her = brian kerr / Roddy collins
    little black lad at back = ray shah
    death scare girl = that bird off fair city

  3. gertrude

    i look like that all the time, can’t help it. i’m usually thinking about what other people are up to.

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