Return To Jobstown



Protestors including Paul Murphy TD (Above left) in Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin on Saturday scene of ‘dramatic’ protests against Irish Water/Joan Burton a week earlier.

Damn Trots.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

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44 thoughts on “Return To Jobstown

    1. Jim Hacker

      Says the Labour party and their ongoing policy of drip-feeding their version of events to the media..amazing their powers of recollection.

  1. Jimmee

    Cathal King still shadowing Paul Murphy. Can both of those win a seat along with Sean Crowe in that constituency?

    1. JunkFace

      They’re not Pitbulls, I think they’re Boxer dogs. They’re the unusual white and brown kind, usually they’re brown and black faced. Lovely dogs, never associated with attacking people or dog fights.

      just sayin

      1. Paolo

        One is a pitbull and one is a boxer. No breed of dog is vicious, they are trained to be vicious by their owners either deliberately or through ill treatment/training. Pitbulls tend to be in the news because they are often owned by idiots who like that they look tough but who are too dim to train them and treat them properly. Then the pitbulls end up in the DSPCA where they get rehomed to good owners and never cause any trouble to anyone.

  2. Anonanoanom

    Paul Murphy, who was an unelected mep and cost over €1,000,000 for his 3years in Europe, has a cheek to stand there spouting his tripe after what he cost tax payers.

    1. Mister Mister

      I always laugh when he and Higgins talk about jobs for the boys and cronyism, considering how Murphy got his job in Europe, and who Higgins, on more than one occasion, handed over a seat to an unelected member of the socialist party in Dublin West.

      1. sickofallthisbs

        I always laugh when I see how brainwashed you are by your employers. Tell me this, when is the last time you had an independent thought? [And to be clear I don’t mean think like an “independent” politician].

          1. declan

            I’m actually not. I presume from your comments above your accusing mister mister & co of been an idealogue (or a robot). You wouldn’t happen to have one of those too would you. Point been, we’re all different, let’s try to understand each other and compromise a bit rather than get all aggressive for no good reason.

          2. declan

            For instance you could of said: mister mister, what about all those FG, FF, Lab, Ind politicians who donate to charities in their constituencies. They don’t bother to give to those outside. It seems they’re only doing it for the votes

        1. Mister Mister

          My employer is a large company, so most likely capitalist pigs, but not sure what their exact take in on the Socialists, it never came up in discussions as it’s irrelevant to my role.

        2. Mister Mister

          Just spotting who I’m actually replying to.

          No surprises there was an accusation that I’m employed by the state, Irish Water, DOB or whatever from that fool.

    1. italia'90

      There is possibly the hope that they will do the least harm to those who have been damaged most by austerity? I could be wrong of course.

  3. JD

    Paul “Elmo” Murphy trying to repair some of the damage done by the protest involving the trapping of the 60 year old woman. It must joyful to be against everything, especially for a nice middle class boy who grew up on the Southside, going to an expensive fee paying school for the Leaving Cert and onto college followed by no apparent work in the real world other than describing himself as a full time social activist. ( I would love to read his PHd on “does socialist law exist?” ….

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      None of that really makes him sound that bad. Lots of politicians haven’t had ‘real’ jobs.

      Burton is also a politician and as such should expect protest and debate. She was not harmed – not sure why her age and gender are important, she knows the deal. The cops messed that whole situation up completely. They should have been able to get her out of that much much faster than they did – it was a complete joke.

      1. Mister Mister

        She’s actually from a working class background, and got scholarships to attend college. Ironically she’s closer to those protesters than the man they’re blindly following.

        1. Don Pidgeoni

          From what I’ve heard from her, she left those roots behind a long long time ago.

          It really doesn’t matter where people come from if they say the things you want to be said does it? Gandhi (yes, I know) wasn’t a peasant or a farmer but stood up for them, and others.

  4. Paolo

    “We won’t pay twice”

    50% of people in Jobstown don’t pay once. They don’t pay for water, for bins, for housing, for street lighting, for playgrounds ……..

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