A Traditional Irish Toast



“you’ll never be tongue-tied in the future.”

Tim Herlihy, brand ambassador for Tullamore Dew, teaches a little Irish to the hosts of The Broadcast, a syndicated daytime TV talk show based in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Go to 4 mins.


Thanks Via Oisín Davis.

20 thoughts on “A Traditional Irish Toast

  1. Daithif

    Remember being about 17 in Nice with friends. Our first time REALLY out on the lash, and we got a bit big for our boots.

    We met some Hungarians in a pub and started telling them that Póg mo thóin was the equivalent of cheers.

    Thought we were hilarious, but we were actually obnoxious.

    A little like this video.

  2. Ultach

    Toolamore Jew, woohoo, mmmm, yumee, leithreas. Yeah, getting yanks to say a stock classroom Irish phrase and thinking it’s them that look silly. Hilarious.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Heh. This person doesn’t know a thing they’d have absolutely no reason to know.

      Let’s laugh at them because we (kinda) do.

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