What The F**k Will I Get?


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Mr Loudermilk writes:

I made a new site to make it easy to decide what to get someone for Christmas.Perhaps it would help some people struggling to decide on a present for their special someone?

Get shopping.

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16 thoughts on “What The F**k Will I Get?

      1. Anne

        Um..Profanity filter?
        Title of post is asterisked.
        Image would have to be manually edited. Too much hassle?

          1. Anne

            As a woman, you get used to that sort of thing. :)

            I’d say, just too much hassle with the image.
            Come on, 16 hours of moderating pure sh*te, is enough for anyone.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        It’s a Fuppin’ Dicktatorship, that’s what it is !

        Lining up all those fuppin’ cuss words at the click of a fuppin’ button and fuppin’ denied the fuppin’ right to fuppin’ respond in same fuppin’ tone, a fuppin’ fupp of a dicktatorship ! Nothing but fuppin’ rules around here, fuppin’ rules for one and no fuppin’ rules for the next for fuppin’ crisps sake !!!

        Yeah, you see me, yeah, all this and all that, fuppin’ 3 exclamations marks, fuppin’ THREE !!!

  1. AhHereLeaveItOut

    I’m getting my 27 year-old girlfriend either:
    1) Inbetweeners 2 DVD (she has the first downloaded on her laptop and titled ‘stupid british comedy’
    2) Nerf gun
    3) Make-up brushes

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