15 thoughts on “Classic Parking: Eircom Edition

  1. Hank

    Well I’m outraged.
    Thank God you had nothing better to do with your afternoon than take a photo and send it to BS

    1. Heather

      i was standing waiting for the infernal lights to change and i thought, “feck it, i feel like subjecting myself to ridicule on BS today.”

  2. DeSelby

    Well… a lot safer than parking in the cycle lane so… classic parking in the non-ironic to be enocuraged civic minded sense of classic,

    As you were

  3. Rob

    Was it so traumatic that you couldn’t shift the angle and get the third one in? Newsworthy stuff indeed.

  4. sqoid

    Yeah who cares if a pram, buggy or wheelchair user is blockied or forced on to the road just so long as the cyclists aren’t inconvenienced

    1. Bacchus

      that side of the roads has about 6 pedestrians walk on it every day. And they’re lost. The Eircom vans are doin’ fine.

  5. Kdoc

    Don’t just present problems, bring some solutions to the table. If they were working in a nearby manhole where else could they have parked with easy access to their tools and equipment?

  6. zynks

    there should be a rule of thumb that if the classic parker does not leave enough space for a wheelchair get through then it is fair play to do anything one wants with the vehicle.

  7. Eoghany

    “Won’t someone please think of the prams buggies and wheelchairs”… Yea, obviously, but sometimes work needs to be done, often on those very paths. You can’t expect access 100% of the time, everywhere you want to go, just because you’ve got a buggy, or are in a wheelchair. The world just isn’t that black and white. Sometimes you’ve got to cross the bloody road, and just work around it. That’s life. It’s not like someone’s just parked up the range rover while legging it in for a mocha. These lads are workin like!

  8. sqoid

    Which is why documents such as the “Directions for the Control & Management of Roadworks in Dublin City” exist

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