Dail Suspended


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Gone for a Burton.

More as we get it.

UPDATE (read from the bottom up):

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Watch the Dáil proceedings, when it resumes, here

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66 thoughts on “Dail Suspended

  1. nottoputtoofineapointonit

    balls to the Republican movement

    the fact that slagging off a bunch of terrorists would cause any politician in this country to complain is disgraceful

    1. scottser

      are you not more annoyed at the sheer petulance of barrett and the government? you could put a crowd of monkeys in there and they’d do a better job.

    1. Goosey Lucy

      Political point scoring on the back of such serious issues.
      I used to like Joan, but she’s made too many personal/ sneery/ protect-the-party remarks of late for me to find her even faintly credible anymore.
      (And that’s not including Labours descent into the mire)

    2. Rep

      To an extent, society as a whole didn’t just send them across the border to let them do what they want there after discovering it. The Church did things like that, and rightly got slaughtered for it. SF didn’t hold back when criticising the church for it, interesting they don’t feel the same when it is their friends who are getting criticised.

    3. JimmytheHead

      agreed Lucy. all this finger pointing and slanderous allegations without one single piece of paper to back any of it up. classic Joanie.


    4. ZeligIsJaded

      Paedophilia has a problem for humanity as a whole. It’s when you remove justice and accountability, you’re left with the likes of our clergy and this republican shower.

    5. Clampers Outside!


      Absolutely not a fair thing to say. No way!

      The time of the offences referred to here is the mid to late 1990s. Irish society “as a whole” was absolutely aware of the problems with paedophilia with a number of reports published by this time and a number of others due to be published by 1999/2000 that most (anyone with a passing interest in) would have been aware of.

      The excuse of, sure wasn’t the whole country like that, does not hold water and needs to be shot down. It’s another Shinner distraction tactic and it is total and utter lies.
      We’re talking mid to late 1990s SF/IRA were doing this…. not 80s, 70s, 60s or 50s or any other earlier time. But the mid to late 1990s.

      On another note…
      Investigations into the RCC’s role in paedophilia by government, and investigations of the govt itself, at the time, are investigations into what can loosely be called a ‘third party’ when compared to the information that SF/IRA have at their finger tips. They did the moving around of sex offenders they know where they are.
      So, asking Sinn Fein / IRA to look at what happened in 1990s is asking SF/IRA to look IN-HOUSE at their own records where they have first hand information which they are withholding. It’s not the same scenario as investigating the RCC/govt by any stretch.

      The Shinners have the info, by their own admission or “acknowledgements”, and they can produce it from their own records. It’s not the complicated mess that is in the dealings with the RCC, this should be straight forward – SF need to provide the details around what they did with these 30 sex offenders THEY released into the south. Plain and simple.

      I don’t care about point scoring, and I couldn’t care less about Labour, FF or FG or SF.

      This is about a political party, in this case Sinn Fein, putting itself above the safety of women and children.

      1. SOMK

        Really don’t want to be ‘defending’ SF over this in anyway but…

        “Investigations into the RCC’s role in paedophilia by government, and investigations of the govt itself, at the time, are investigations into what can loosely be called a ‘third party’ when compared to the information that SF/IRA”

        The church still runs 90% of our schools.

        The state accepted €80 million worth of nothing land and covered the cost of compensating abuse for the Church.

        The Arch bishop of Dublin had essentially editorial oversight over the drafting our constitution.

        Our national news starts at a minute past the hour at six o clock so it doesn’t clash with a Catholic religious convention.

        The McAleese report of last year left out any mention of sex abuse despite such abuse being reported to those who compiled it.

        I think it’s too early to say how well SF have dealt with this, unlike the state who have a pretty consistent track record. For most of the history of the state you could easily have just called it IRE/RCC.

        Realising lists and names is a dangerous business that causes more harm than good, the News of the World did it in the Summer of 2000 and then quietly stopped after people with similar names were getting attacked in the street and paediatricians were forced to move home. The list has been passed onto the Gardaí, if the Guards have this list you can be sure the media does too.


        1. SOMK

          that clips suppose to start at 24.42, I didn’t mean to quote the entire episode just the line that happens at that point.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          Spot on post SOMK !

          I’m in no way letting the govt/RCC off, just stating that the excuses by Sinn Fein that “it was the way Ireland was at the time” doesn’t wash… that’s a lie by SF.

  2. William H Gross

    does “Republican movement” necessarily imply the terrorist element? im thinking not – anyone?

    1. Rep

      Generally, much like Loyalist would also imply the same to a certain amount. Nationalist/Unionist for the non-thuggery variations. That’s in my mind though so it I might be wrong.

    1. MUlch

      Unfortunately, Labour weren’t the first and i doubt they will be the last, regardless of who the perpetrators are.
      You know its getting desperate though when this is the ‘go to’ rebuttal of any points made by SF.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      If it helps prevent a party that releases sex offenders into the public to prey on women and children from getting more power then I’m all for all the points they can get scored off against them.

      1. ivan

        Perfectly true – but as was said here before, if a mass murderer tells you that your fly is undone, then shouting him down about his past is fine, up to a point, but it doesn’t mean that the world can’t see that your fly is still undone.

        Whilst every single criticism levelled at SF is valid, it doesn’t and shouldn’t enable govt parties to get a free pass on everything else.

  3. bisted

    …I thought the only serving TD ever suspected of sexual exploitation of boys was from the Labour Party.

  4. lawless Frilly Keane

    Any late night Stagg hunting lately

    If you thought you couldn’t get more pathetic…..
    Jesus I can’t find the words…

    Its on Labour
    Its ücking on

  5. Iwerzon

    100s were ‘sent’ or went on their own accord accross the border on the run during the troubles and years after. That some of these were bairn futterers isn’t statistically surprising. Joan has lost my vote. (I can’t believe I ever voted Labour). I wonder what the next SF bash is going to be – I bet they have a nice one lined up before the christmas. My monies on SF involvment with he Ukriane crisis or Fergusion MO.

    1. declan

      Ironically SF MEPs voted against the association agreement with the EU. I think they must of voted as part of their block (not sure which one) but it’s something that annoyed me. on the up side as you said it opens up endless possibilities of conspiracy theories – gold

  6. well

    I’m not a fan of Sinn Fein ,( Adams and all the other oldies would have to resign for me to consider voting for them),but seriously where was this kind of reaction about the laundries , Tuam? They’ve been dragging their heels on these and so many other things.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      The fact that those babies are dead and from many decades ago, but the victims of SF are still alive and the perpetrators still running free, and those that set them free are now in positions of power today…. that might be just a little bit of a difference….

      1. Anne

        Clampers I completely agree with you in terms of concern for the victims.
        Joany however, couldn’t give a tuppeny flupp. Political point scoring is all it is.
        She’s a sinister hag.

          1. Anne

            Well, it’s a bit more complex than letting them run free.. i.e; it wouldn’t have been their job to detain them.

            Messed up situation overall.

            What’s the end game with all of this?
            To discredit SF, score political points or to get these people locked up?

          2. GiGi

            I had to wait in for an electrician this morning and caught this on TV as it unfolded. I’m neutral with regard. To both parties at the moment but surely Mary Lou was trying to ask if the files pertaining to one vicyim’s case could be released to him and would Joan Burton join her in agreeing that the victim should have access to this information. Joan started out fine, agreed even with Mary Lou and then like a spider Joan started to pluck the strings. By the time Joan was finished I was shouting at my own telly. She completely side-lined the victims of this heinous crime and just slagged off Shin Fein. The ceann comhairle is let Joan slag on for ages. I’m not a Mary Lou fan but Joan completely flipped the subject in a direction to score points against the shinners. Joan has become the most annoying politician in the past few weeks.

          3. JimmytheHead

            what this has to do with amending the constitution and abolishing water charges is beyond me! just another smoke screen of ignorance and petty name calling to detract from the real issues – SHE HAD TO WAIT IN A NICE WARM CAR FOR TWO WHOLE HOURS FFS SHE NEARLY MISSED HOLLYOAKS

          4. Clampers Outside!

            Hi Anne,

            On that point… “Well, it’s a bit more complex than letting them run free.. i.e; it wouldn’t have been their job to detain them. ”

            Remember this…. SF/IRA actively ran a campaign of non-cooperation against the RUC, and when people were afraid to go to the RUC for fear of being knee capped by the IRA (not all cases you don’t need to knee cap everyone to instill fear), then the Shinners throw their hands up and say ‘look at the mess here’ …we’re not equipped for this? Let them off down the south…. That is what happened.

            That is the party Shinner supporters are voting for… their top priority is the “party first” at all costs, even at the cost of the lives of children.

            The end game…? Who knows, but along the way it’s a good idea to make sure a scum bag self interested party like SF never get into power. They cannot be trusted, that much they have proven over and over again.

  7. cousinjack

    There is no decent political organisation in this country
    FG = cronyism, incompetence
    FF = gombeenism, golden circle
    Lab = Liars
    SF = protectors of abusers, economically illerator
    RA = Iona Institute mouth piece
    AAA = loony tunes economics
    socialists = class war, drive the middle class from ireland
    independents = tax cheats or one issue politics
    Greens = credbility gap
    Eirgri – Irish BNP

    Fairy in the sky help us all

    2nd republic for 1916?

    1. bisted

      …don’t worry…there’ll be a coalition involving the Kerry Mid-field and everything will be grand.

  8. lawless Frilly Keane

    Ah here. I’ve a pain in me hole with them all.

    Call an election now

    And while I’m at it; the Trade Unions and their members would want to cop on t’themselves.
    Disconnect from the Labour party before ye end up as useless and hated as Joan and her wagons.

    There’s no way back now.

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