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  1. Clo

    No, you pay council tax in order to pay back the national debt to the EU and IMF. You pay waste disposal charges to companies to pick up litter (though previously you paid for this through tax – this money has now been diverted in order to pay back the national debt to the EU and IMF). The depositor to this litter clearly hasn’t paid anyone to pick up their waste. You used to pay taxes to ensure that such litter was picked up anyway and the people dumping it were prosecuted. But now those taxes go to pay back the national debt to the EU and IMF, so looks like you’re stuck with a pile of shit. You should be used to this by now.

    1. Assfrombelunker

      Indeed. Lazy prick watching the rubbish for three days with a growing sense of disgust that the council hasn’t picked it up for you. Pull the farking thumb out and get your hands dirty. Or is that kind of thing below you?

    2. Just sayin'

      No, that would be showing too much initiative. He’d much rather photograph it, post it online and complain about someone else not picking it up.

  2. Grouse

    No, it’s not why you pay property tax.

    (Do people’s brains really work like this? Every time they see something imperfect about society they think “Is this why I pay X tax?”. Do they also, every time they walk on a footpath or navigate a traffic light junction or interact successfully with a literate citizen, think happily: “Now this is why I pay income tax.”?)

    1. Rep

      Well Damien is obviously not going to do it. He feels strongly about it, just not strongly enough to actually do anything other then send a sneery thing to Broadsheet.

  3. Hank

    Someone also seems to have crudely scribbled on the path and in the sky.
    Is this what you pay the universal social charge for?
    Well Damien, is it???

  4. Nicola

    And of course the rage against the council rather than the company responsible for clearing it and DEFINITELY no rage against the individuals who littered in the first place.

  5. Chris

    Free parking there beside the green car up to the start of the double yellows.
    Used to be my secret spot for ages.

  6. Eeejit

    If you’ve been noticing it for three days why haven’t you picked it up?

    Welfare state mentality… etc etc.

    1. pedeyw

      I wouldn’t be inclined to pick up someone else’s litter. Could be anything in there. I would be inclined to contact the council, though.

  7. Westbrit

    Thats the Dublin Fire Brigade vehicle workshop and equipment maintenance dept. Have you actually tried contacting Dublin City Council at all ? Anytime I have contacted them on a similar issue it’s been dealt with fairly quickly.

  8. Just sayin'

    As Homer once memorably stated when he ran for Sanitation Commissioner “Can’t someone else do it?!”

  9. Damien

    Contacted council on Tuesday morning and put in a report on Cleanmystreet.

    Regarding picking it up, I pass that street in the morning while dropping my young kid to school, then go straight into work. I guess I could return to the street during the night after work, but, and this is a major but, there is illegally dumped litter all over D7 so it is not a one off, it is part of a larger problem, one way to large for one person armed with a black sack and good intentions.

    Rather than just ignore the litter issue I have had numerous conversations with local reps over the last few months regarding possible solutions. All agree the litter situation in North Inner City is dreadful, but I am repeatedly told it is a complex problem with no easy or quick answers. I have also been advised that the only way to change attitudes is to keep highlighting the issue and hope this compels the council to act.

    I should point out that my main anger is directed towards the people who litter not the council, but the simple fact is that the private companies who collect litter are allowed ignore it, so unfortunately it means the council have to collect. It is an insane situation where the council have to clean up after profit making companies, but again, this ties into the larger problem as a whole.

    To be honest it would be a lot easier to ignore and accept the issue than to try and find solutions, but I happen to love the area I live in, if that makes me ‘everything wrong with Ireland’ so be it …

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