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This morning.

Ballincollig [Cork]Tidy Town write:

What a terrible pity that this is the sight greeting us at the Recycling Bins in Ballincollig.. This really is a disgrace. Given the Covid-19 restrictions, this can only have been done by our own Community

Shame (Ballincollig Tidy Town)


This morning.

Dargle River Walk, Bray town, County Wicklow.

Pic by Aaron

Further to the circulation of a video showing the contents of a council truck being poured into the River Nore in Kilkenny…

Niall Sargent, of the Green News, reports:

Ireland’s environmental watchdog has ordered Kilkenny County Council to investigate potential contamination of the River Nore by discharge from a Council street sweeping truck.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for the investigation after video footage emerged of a street sweeping truck emptying a liquid substance into the river in April 2016.

The incident occurred along the Canal Walk, which passes alongside the county’s most famous landmark, Kilkenny Castle.


…In a statement to The Green News, the EPA confirmed that it received an anonymous complaint in July 2017 in relation to the footage.

The EPA said that it has requested the council to investigate the complaint, with a report from the council’s Environment Section set to be delivered by 11 August 2017.

The Council’s Director of Services Tim Butler confirmed the incident, stating that the liquid disposed of was “excess surface water from street sweeping activities”.

He added that the composition is “similar to run off after any rainfall events.”

EPA orders Council to investigate potential contamination of River Nore (The Green News)

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Last night.

Summerhill Parade, Dublin 1

Seth writes:

There is not one tagged bag here (pics above) and there rarely ever is, the smell throughout the general area is disgusting. The prolific illegal dumping is still going on in the northside of the inner city. There seems to be no will or clue as to how to deal with the problem coming from DCC. It’s a nightmare, the inner-city is a byword for neglect and is falling into ruin. I have been sending emails to the council about this since 2012.