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Dublin under snow.

From the air.

Irish Air Corp writes:

This day four years ago snow started falling around Ireland and heralded the coldest November period on record. As temperatures struggled to rise above 0 degrees the Air Corps where called upon several times, using our aerial advantage to support those in need. Now as December approaches and the temperature drops another few degrees the different Squadrons around the Air Corps are refreshing themselves on their Cold Weather Operation Procedures. Our Photographic Section used some of these great photographs in our Winter Operations Brief to remind us what we could expect, we thought you may appreciate the reminder too….

From top: Croke Park; The Magazine Fort (Phoenix Park); Papal Cross (Phoenix Park); Guinness factory; Stephen’s Green and The Spire.

irish Air Corp (Facebook)

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18 thoughts on “Corp Blimey

  1. ahjayzis

    Awww, a tad homesick for a wintery day about Dublin now! Fab pics. I hope we get a white Christmas again this year (after I’ve safely and punctiliously arrived in Dublin Airport…)

  2. gnalp

    A winter I will never forget. My mother had just died suddenly and my father decided to go off traveling internationally for a week. Spent hours driving slowly to Dublin airport in the snow to pick him up, only for his flight to be redirected to Belfast. Sigh…

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