Ireland In Bits



Ireland 2100.

The nightmare scenario.


Kieran writes:

A mate and I made a worst case (70m rise) scenario sea-level rise map of Ireland for the year 2100. We imagined an Ireland after planned inland urban-sprawl as the sea-level will be relatively slow, with designated safe zones that government encouraged investment in.

We also imagined that most of Dublin’s wealth moved to Bray and Greystones forming the twin city of Braystones (which is slightly more inland than modern Bray and Greystones) while most of Dublin’s people moved to either Tallaght or Maynooth.

Cork/Ennis sprawled inland but most of it was lost, Derry completely relocated as the walled city was submerged and Gaway, Limerick and Waterford are all lost for the ages.

Each Island has a capital that represents the Island in government and each town has a representative in the island capital.

Not sure how to deal with the North as the islands didn’t really form along political borders and the towns became dependent on each other’s infrastructure. All in all, not super scientific or accurate but sure just a bit of fun…

G’wan the Braystones.


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46 thoughts on “Ireland In Bits

    1. MT

      I dunno.. sharp witted salt of the earth Bray folk rubbing shoulders with well behaved Protestant Greystones kids in a watery future….squabbling over boat taxis and how many deutsche marks the hover DART costs ….I smell a sitcom….

      1. Owen

        The high points were blown up in the Un-Cork’d Rebellion of 2084. Its a long stroy, but basically the rest of Ireland got fed up with Cork harping on about how great they are and bombed it though lazer warfare.

    1. ahjayzis

      I don’t think it does? Celbridge is south-east of Maynooth and it’s whole footprint looks a bit borderline on that dur map!

  1. Nigel

    I expect we might eventually get good at land reclamation and flood protection via a series of public-private initiatives, though the political corruption involved will make the land rezoning lottery look like a game of Monopoly.

  2. Doctor Gonzo

    Far be it for me to question these scienticians but how exactly does coastal Dingle survive where other towns go under the drink?

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      Lot of mountains around Dingle. Current Dingle would be underwater but I’d say it’s environs are what’s represented on this map.

    2. scottser

      costa del tallaght, eh? they’ll be swapping tracksuits for speedos. deckchair theft will be rampant – mark my words.

    1. Jammers

      I dunno… George Hook? He’ll probably be king, kept alive by some life-support powered by the energy within his many chins

    2. John Smyth

      Just to educate you lot further– Grand Munster is the name of the administrative centre for New Ireland which is based under Loch Gur in Limerick. We are well used to living in our wonder world under water already – so just show respect or we will give your name to Irish Water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Same Old Guy

    Galway & Limerick Gone!

    Switches on Kettle, turns up heating, leaves car running for the weekend

  4. Lan

    You call a place with Mullingar, Cavan, Monaghan, Newry and Armagh on it “Leinster Straits”. How well do you think calling 4 parts of Ulster Leinster is going to go down?

  5. maachew

    as an auld lad said to me recently:
    “It’s all about elevation, elevation, elevation”
    (as opposed to location location location)

  6. Marvel Gumshoe

    I was recently visited by a bald gentleman going by the name of Lex Luthor looking to buy beachfront property in Nenagh.

    Now it all makes sense. (Puts cap back on marker)

  7. joe

    100% dubious about that map. Did they just guess the elevations from. A lot more of Galway is above 70m then their map shows and Dublin too. That’s a fact.

  8. Pete

    Oh it can’t come quick enough – it would solve a lot of problems – sure Irish people cant live with each other!

  9. lll

    This map is complete rubbish. Small villages on the coast don’t have any inland environs, they will be obliterated. Ballyvaughan being a prime example. The entire community will be gone, there are very few buildings above sea level in that area.

    If you want an accurate flood map use: and set the flood level to 70m. It uses google maps so you can even see your own house.

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