Meanwhile, On De Bus


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Yep, all over.

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Revised cash and Leap fares from December 1 (Dublin Bus)

33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On De Bus

  1. John

    The Fare I use most frequently is down 4.5%.
    I guess there are winners and loser to the bus fare reshuffle.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Eh, hello? I’m the biggest winner you’ll ever meet and I take the bus all the time.

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            Ah, Jaysus. SAILED right over me head. I’m not a millennial, though. I am more than old enough to know that music, but was more into the Fat Lady Sings.
            Rawk ‘n’ Roll.

        1. Neilo

          Couldn’t agree more! (Apart from aftermath of miners’ strike – those communities were left in a jocker and it’s a searing injustice 30 years on- and the poor bastiches on the Belgrano). Wow, bitter, middle-aged man in cold-hearted conservative shocker! Hold me, everyone?

  2. ahjayzis

    They really need to get rid of this stage system. It makes zero sense.

    Celbridge to City centre is 3.30, Celbridge to Lucan is 3.30, because they’re in the same ‘stage’ – it takes no heed of how long your actual journey is, just where you’re departure and arrival point is, bonkers. Then the fact that the 67 goes through Lucan at all, when there’s so many buses already to Lucan it’s basically just a neverending train, yet doubles the town to Celbo journey time…

    Flat rate all the way. London Bus is 1.50 whether you’re going 2 stops or 20. Didn’t BS post something a few years ago about someone doing the sums and figuring out a flat fare lower than most would actually bring in more sponds?

    1. Casey

      The cost of a trip on a London bus is £1.45 on a pay as you go oyster card. You cannot pay cash on the buses there as of July this year.

      That amount is capped at £4.40 per day no matter how many bus journeys you take or £20.20 Monday to Saturday cap.

      The minimum amount you can put on a new oystercard is £5 so if you only want it for one trip., it can cost you more than you think.

      I agree that one fare for all would be better, a capped fare would be best of all.

      1. Neilo

        One major failing of Leap is that isn’t capped for the day – watch that balance plummet if you take a few trams/light rail trips. Still, a saving’s a saving…

  3. Selfie Sensation

    Why in the name of God would anyone pay a cash fare for a bus or luas? Its cheaper and easier to use a Luas card, cop on people!

  4. Ms Piggy

    I can just hear that announcement over the intercom too. Dublin bus drivers are one of the reasons I love living in this city :-D

  5. Smeghead

    Oil prices plummet, so they whack up the fares. (again)

    It’s probably cheaper to get a few people at the bus stop to flag down and share a taxi.

  6. Colm

    Why don’t Dublin Bus save us a few years and put the minimum fare up to 5 euros for stage 1-3. This is ridiculous carry on. Very poor public transport system that you pay through the nose for it?

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