We’re On The One Road


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And in Greystones, Co. Wicklow on the Day Trip To Dáil Éireann Facebook page…


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March and shop.

Travel arrangements to to the Right2Water national assembly outside the Dáil on Wednesday, December 10 – International Human Rights Day – at 1pm.

Are you going?

Bus details from YOUR area to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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46 thoughts on “We’re On The One Road

    1. Ted

      The Fine Gael media dept are on the ball, reply within 1 minute of story being added. They must have BS saved on their bookmark bar.

    2. Mister Mister

      Bleedin culchies coming up to wander around gormlessly looking at all the bright shiny things, blocking footpaths, and buying the cheeky charlies for the Chrimbo pressies.

  1. Mr. T.

    A collection and recording of all of these posters would be a very good little archiving project for a final year student of something.

  2. Diddley Aye

    But I would like a free ride and I shouldn’t have to pay the bus fare.
    Who will join me in throwing poo at the driver.

    1. paul m

      It would be more in keeping with the spirit of things to hand the driver a poo filled envelope in lieu of payment. Maybe the government or the mainstream media will join you in your shitslinging exercise, they’ve been throwing enough of it around lately hoping some of it will stick.

  3. Eeejit

    “The Government/media machine” – yes, clearly the media has no interest in the Irish Water debacle continuing…

    what do they say about paranoia and madness?

    1. paul m

      that one is a delusional mindset brought on by anxiety or fear and the other is a popular UK ska group with a number of chart hits?

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Cobh people wouldn’t pronounce it nointy, yeh gobdaw. NIGH-nty, with a scrunched-up-nose emphasis on the NIGH. Nasal out, boy.

  4. Selfie Sensation

    If I was the Government I would be bricking it at the moment, I think there will be a lot of people out on the 10th. although the decision to have it on a Wednesday is a bit strange.

    1. NiallJames

      When else would you have it? It’d be a protest outside an empty house if it was on a weekend.
      Wednesday might be a bit of rush to get home in time for the Champions League though…I think I’ll stay in.

      That and I want a water meter.

  5. phil

    Booked 1/2 day off here at work for the 10th (private sector IT) , the boss agreed but said Im the last, any more people asking for the day off and he will have to close the site…

  6. Bonkers

    I wouldn’t miss this protest for the world, enough is enough with this government.
    If the numbers are big then there will be serious pressure on this government to fall. I’m one of the few Irish people whose grandad wasn’t at the GPO in 1916 so there’s no way I’m missing this one, family pride is at stake !

    1. Mister Mister

      So it’s nothing to do with the water ?

      And what fairytale government do you expect to replace them ?

      1. Rep

        SF, FF and whole load of independents. Nothing at all will get done except for jobs for the boys and some marvellous roads being build where they are not needed.

  7. Fe Dlowered

    Please tell me this isn’t still going ahead. What a waste of time and energy. Anyone who’s still considering going to pull their head out of their ar*e and ask themselves what they hope to achieve. Abolish IW and let the woefully inefficient councils run the water system again? Overthrow De Govinmint – to be replaced by????? Child abuser hiding Shinners? Paul “One Trick” Murphy and co?

    1. Original Cynic

      As distinct from throwing billions of borrowed money to the woefully inefficient Irish Water eejits to spend on consultants, bonuses and laughter yoga!

        1. Original Cynic

          With people of the calibre of Tierney and Kearns (ex Council) in charge it will be billions!!!

    2. paul m

      Just let the rage wash over you like a newly dyed blueshirt.
      Isnt it annoying when the rabble, the mob, the peasants, the bin lid clangers, the freeloaders, the loonies, decide to finally engage with the political establishment. Frustrating when the only choice you can see through your blinkers is the Shinners, or the media love interest Paul Murphy. And there was me thinking we had the pick of at least a hundred Government TDs, junior ministers and advisers parking their overpaid underachieving arses in the Dail on taxpayers time to cast our vote on. Or you could go all in down the river and throw a sneaky 2nd choice Micheal Martins way for old times sake like. Independents who the hell are they?

      Take a bite of your plastic packaged gourmet sandwich there, have a sup of your takeway barista coffee and remember the good old days when Bertie told any of the naysayers to go and hang themselves and everyone chuckled, well not everyone. Just the select few like you that mattered. We all partied. Heres to going forward over the waterfall! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..

      1. Fe Dlowered

        Wow – serious sour grapes, chip on both shoulders and a bit of what your havin’ yourself there. You’d think we were on the brink of some kind of nuclear holocaust or trying to overcome a North Korea style dictatorship the way people are going on about this.
        Grow up, put the toys back in the pram, grow a pair and focus all that passion and misguided rage into improving your own lot as opposed to playing the victim and constantly looking for someone else to blame other than the person you see in the mirror every day.

    3. MUlch

      For the last time, we don’t need Irish Water because Irish Water has nothing to do with our water supply.
      Its just a tax to pay back Europe.

      If you want to introduce a charge with less resistance, then fix the bloody pipes!
      €100 from every household for three years and every penny of it goes into fixing the pipes, not some semi state.
      Then knock the road tax down and separate out a specific water charge.

  8. Rep

    Remember when we all laughed at the pro-life crew busing people from all around the country as a show of force changes the government brought in? Good times. This protest where the crowd will be bused in from all around the country will be completely different though.

  9. Dubloony

    Lads, before yous all hop on the bus, check what water problems are happening in your county here:

    And ask yourself – who is fixing it?

    If you want IW to go and pay no charges and the co.co weren’t doing the business properly for the last 20 years, who is going to fix it then?

    You need to understand that you won many of the arguments: the price is significantly reduced, the PPS no thing is gone, cap on charges, legislation that it will not be privatised etc

    If the protest is about water, you’ve already won.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Except for “legislation that it will not be privatised”…everyone with half an interest knows the legislation isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

      Constitutional protection or I’m marching.

      Other than that, I’m largely in agreement.

  10. The super

    Be good times, down with this shower and hopefully the ‘what’s the alternative’ blowholes will be stuck to their arses as they leave, we live in hope

    1. Fe Dlowered

      “Down with this shower” – love it. Where do people come up with that kind of rubbish? And yes, you sound like you do live in hope, that someone else will fix your problems so you don’t have to acknowledge any part it in.

      1. scottser

        you won’t find many who’ve been to the ayn rand institute round here, bud. would you not be better on the daily mail site?

  11. Kieran NYC

    Some people just don’t know when to take a victory. The protesters have already gotten almost all of what they wanted.

    1. Bonkers

      These protests won’t stop till something is done about Irish Water. They have 4000 staff and 2000 of them not even needed yet were expected to pay their wages and bonuses through water charges while 40% of the water produced is leaking right back into the ground. No thanks, enough is enough. Stand up and be counted or lie down and be mounted.

  12. Steve

    Time for rant .Ah yes the 4000 plus staff argument. Most of the fools spouting this don’t understand that these 4000 local authority staff work for IW through service level agreements which came into operation on 1 jan 14. What do people expect to happen on 2 jan !!!get the local authorities to fire 2000 staff and how do you decide who should be in the 2000 fired. Everyone with a surname from L back to A!! Say you did that… The government/iW would be accused of being worse than thatcher and rightly so. The LAs would have striked en masse and the whole country would be boiling it’s water until the 2000 staff were re installed. The only way to address this issue is time through natural wastage and things like voluntary redundancy schemes.

    As for the Roscommon bus???FFS they should be welcoming IW with open arms considering that their LA, which includes Ming as an alumni, allowed farmers to let their cattle piss and shit in their local water sources, hence all the crypto and boil water notices. Great job Roscommon.

    Hey look castlerea will be sorted by next May under the new national system!!!!!


    Go hop on your bus though.

    People are fully entitled to march on 10 dec. but whole water charges is gone, it’s gone from the media…no pps, no bonuses, fixed lower charges. The issue is over. Plus the jobstown thing was a PR debacle for anti water charges…nah I don’t think I’ll be bringing my family to a march which could end up in lads throwing bricks.

    BS can chill out posting eirigi videos of meter installers being filmed coz all they are getting is 2/3 comments since the government announcement last week.


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