Going To Morrissey?



Tonight in the Point Nua?

Why not hang with a DJ (afterwards).

‘Browne’ writes:

Some post-Morrissey carry on in the Workman’s [Wellington Quay, Dublin]  tonight for those who aren’t on a school night.Or those who are but refuse to live by life’s rules.


*lunges with bouquet of fresh chrysanthemums*

Rob Smith (Facebook)




Morrissey this evening in the 3Arena.

Pics via plainchant and Orlaith Cullen 

35 thoughts on “Going To Morrissey?

  1. David

    Rob Smith is paying you for advertising, right?

    or are you just constantly giving his various endeavors plugs for free?

        1. Owen O'F

          It is because of smug boneheads like you that people see so-called ‘liberals’ as the definition of illiberalism. Let’s see someone who isn’t perceived as right-on round here make a comment like that and wait for the shock! OUTRAGE! reactions.

          1. bob

            I somehow didn’t notice it for a while, but AISOTI is a total *insert rude insult here* and should be ignored and looked down upon for the piece of you know what that he or she is.

  2. gavin little

    As the politicians call it… “Jobs for the boys”
    must be a mate of Bodger as it’s always a bodger post giving him the free advertising.
    At least they’ve dropped the “DJ who remixed Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip” crap!!!

    1. rotide

      This looks like an oppurtunity to clear something up.

      Bodger is a real person yes?

      Compsky seems to be a just a shared identiy that a few different contributors use, notably John. For a while, I thought Bodger was as well, but maybe not?

      1. rotide

        yeah the dog is called Chompsky, but all the articles posted under his name are articles posted by other contributors for whatever reason. A few times I’ve seen an article credited to one person, then changed to Chompsky later.

        1. Mikeyfex

          I was sure Chompsky was just one person. You can tell by the way the blurb is written if it’s Chompsky or not.

        2. rotide

          It’s defintely not one person. I’m sure there’s a pretty good mundane reason for it….


          1. Alfred E. Neumann

            They let it slip a few weeks ago, but rearranged the sheets pretty smartly when Anne noticed.

  3. Blonto

    It was too obvious so I didn’t bother. But it’s the next day and it hasn’t happened yet so here goes…..


  4. John Cassidy

    Very lacklustre gig. He played the whole new album which is not very good. If he had played 5 songs from it and more of his far superior back catalogue it would have been a far better gig.

      1. John Cassidy

        That graphic video just increased my appetite for paté de foie gras and veal. I was licking my lips throughout.

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