26 thoughts on “Roche’s Point

  1. Mikeyfex

    She’s in the top three with James Rodriguez and RVP. Both world cup goals.

    RVP did NOT need to dive for his headed goal. It should not win. The pass from Blind was better than the finish. He tried the same against Hull at the weekend and it was shown up as a poor attacking header technique as the keeper got a hand to it. A great save it must be said but head it downwards and it’s unstoppable. Point is, that was not the best goal scored this year.

    James’ goal has been the winner for me since the moment I spilled my hoegaarden while watching it but I hope she becomes the first Irish person and the first woman to win this.

    1. John E. Bravo

      I disagree with the point on the dive for the WC goal – he has to get it up and down quickly, so he needs to get under it. I think the one at the weekend was a little different – met the ball earlier in its trajectory, so probably didn’t need as much input from the header.
      I think one of the WC goals will edge it because of the quality of opposition (although SR’s opposition are marking her tighter than any of the lads were).

      1. Mikeyfex

        It’s one of those ones that could be debated for ages with no change in a person’s opinion really, isn’t it? I think so anyway. But you’re right, maybe the header at the weekend didn’t need to be compared to it but I just think he could have taken it better had he just got up and headed it. I just think he carries himself like a bit of a shaper (I’m a United fan). Ended up scoring a beaut though.

        1. John E. Bravo

          Definitely a shaper. Wasn’t a fan of him at arsenal nor even when he was gilding the final year of Ferguson. Poor of character I think.

    1. Jock

      I really hate that provincial mindset. I voted for Van Persie. You have to take into account the stage and opposition.

    2. K

      Roche’s goal, regardless of her nationality, deserves a place in the top 3. The same claim of ‘skewed voting’ could be made for Manchester United fans supporting Robin Van Persie or Madrid fans voting for James Rodriguez. Kasami and Cahill’s goals were far better candidates for the award in my very humble opinion.

    3. John E. Bravo

      I know, what are small nations like Colombia or the Netherlands to do in the face of the might of the fanbase of Leviathan Ireland towards its third favourite sport.

  2. Slightly Bemused

    3,134,089 views on Youtube for the original clip. Not bad!

    I was thinking Peamount United might need to update their Wikipedia entry (the part about their most famous player), but then it Katie Taylor, so….

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      The views are probably skewed too.
      Homer’s work-from-home bird-wand clicking replay constantly.

  3. Smiler

    Brilliant goal and fair play for making the short list but I can’t help thinking she only made it as the ‘token’ female

    The standard of opposition and all that backs my point up

    1. rotide

      Token? AFAIK it’s the first time a woman has made the longlist, never mind the shortlist.

      It’s a great goal and apart from maybe Cahill’s goal, deserves to be in the top 3.

  4. Deirdre C

    Her goal is light years ahead of the other two. Don’t get how Van Persie’s even got this far.
    Rodriguez will probably win though. Can’t have a woman upstaging the pros.

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