23 thoughts on “We’re Back Baby

      1. medieval knievel

        yeah, i had kinda assumed that was the reason, but thought that someone along the way before this was posted would have spotted that.

        1. ThePeoplesHero

          One would hardly expect a bunch of leftie, hipsterish social media types to actually understand that…..

          1. The Old Boy

            Some preliminary tests in broadsheet towers. Chompsky varnished his hands together. Bodger has learned the hard way its effects on a the Gateway 2000’s CRT monitor. John Moynes’ beard is ossified following his attempts to drink the stuff.

  1. Grouse

    Is it the yacht that makes it noteworthy? They sell yacht varnish in most hardware shops as it’s suitable for a lot of other purposes (hard-wearing, outdoor conditions).

  2. martco

    aka Danish Oil (*or it usually is)
    its normally a polymerized linseed oil (i.e. it’s an oil that hardens) and it’s used in all kinds of scenarios to protect wood whilst allowing a natural finish….used a lot to treat solid timber worktops in kitchens and softwoods installed as external cladding on buildings e.g. Cedar

    wouldn’t be getting too excited…very very normal DIY stuff

    *the terminologies do get bandied about a lot €2.50 wouldn’t buy you much of the proper gear, guessing they stuck “yacht” on the tin for selling purposes

    1. medieval knievel

      i think most yacht varnishes are polyurethane based and would be quite different to danish oil?

  3. eamonn clancy

    Poor guy, does he really think it’s varnish just for yachts…and sold in little tins too? Bless

  4. Dhaughton99

    There are only 2 great days when you have a yacht. The day you buy it and the day you sell it.

  5. Chris

    Heard this definition from a friend who owned a yacht:
    A boat is a hole in the water, into which one pours money.

  6. Elrond Hubbard

    Yacht varnish is just the name for extra durable (as in waterproof). It’s extremely common. Though at 2.50 a tin I’d splash out on some sadolin.

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