21 thoughts on “Serious Girl Wanted

  1. Nicola Carroll

    Fantastic, they mention that Dicey’s is 6 minutes from the ‘studio’. What if you need to have a quick ride? CUCK-OLDED.

    Some nice dutch ovens could be realised in that bed though. Some nice spicy Zaytoon dutch ovens.

  2. Owen

    This is a bit depressing. 320 a month for half the bed, So whats the landlord charging for the full bed?

  3. Doctor Gonzo

    If ever ye wanted a reality check on a Monday morning, this is it.

    Sad that people are living in this squalor.

  4. Kolmo

    That is one grim-hole of a kip. With a crying step.

    Will broadsheet be doing a coffee-table style book of all the grim shitholes featured, like all the things that looked like Ireland?

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        It’s a real find for anyone who longs to shag Santa. He’d hardly have a choice if he came down that chimney.

        1. 3stella

          It’s not every day that Santa gets to see a contorted grimacing gimp ball face at the end of the chimney..

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