17 thoughts on “Fine Gay

    1. Soundings

      Actually Enda looks as if he’s doing something with a prick in that photo, was it airbrushed out?

  1. ABM

    I’m liking the comments so far. The gays haven’t noticed but success at redefining the Natural Law and God-given definition of marriage is fast ebbing away. The Church will rise again.

      1. One Dub

        Aw c’mon BS…
        If you’re going to change the spelling and destroy the punchline in my comment, do me a favour next time. Just delete it.
        You’re making me look like a proper stupid count.

  2. Roj

    What was O’Reilly doing there? It wasn’t Bear night last night nevermind UglySmellyBear Night. Get out n stay out!

  3. Melina Harris

    Out of shot: Joint Panti Bar directors Jay Bourke and Rory O’He (for it is him) discussing employment and taxation law.

    So we know for sure now where PC box ticket Una Mullally has her office now.

  4. rotide

    Enda’s default photo pose is a wierd one. I have a photo with him in the exact same pose, as do a few friends. It’s crying out for a photoshop, and was duly obliged. I’m surprised there isn’t more of them floating about.

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