14 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Chris

    Amusing to see the Telegraph with their story about the 24 year old “girl” who out-sold JK Rowling. At what age do they think you become a woman?

    1. Bergal Farry

      It’s depressing that the ‘intellectual’ response to one of the hardest hitting headlines of the year by any paper to a serious social issue is illiterate criticism of a journalist’s choice of words. One of the definitions of ‘girl’ is ‘an affectionate or friendly term for a woman’. Maybe if your only experience of the word is when it is followed by ‘I’m gonna make you sweat’, you could Google it first. Or, actually, because the issue is so trivial compared to the point The Telegraph is trying to make, maybe you could just shut up

    2. rotide

      Or alternatively and far more simply, her book is called ‘Girl Online’. See how the headline writes itself?

  2. Chris

    Sorry Bergal, but do you that by making a comment about any headline other than the ones related to the major social issue of the day I am tacitly ignoring that same issue? That is a ludicrous argument. You can disagree with my take on the Telegraph’s use of the word girl (though I rarely see headlines like ‘Boy scores goal’ when a 24 year old scores for Arsenal or whoever) but to say I shouldn’t be doing it is nonsensical.

    1. rotide

      ffs, now I actually have to read the papers comments to be up to date with the meta? sorry, that’s too much work!

      p.s. chris, you’ll see those headlines as soon as Arsenal sign Peter Boy.

    2. rotide

      It’s one of a hundred variations of ‘Bhoys done well’ when it comes to anything Celtic related.

      So yes, Chris the same applies to men. As I pointed out, they used ‘Girl’ because of the name of the book. Nothing to do with gender inequality so you can put the white armor and trusty steed away.

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