‘I Built It Myself’



Built with love.

Pinched with HATE.

Gavin Hinfey writes:

I know you don’t usually do this but my bike (above) was robbed from out side my apartment on Harcourt Terrace [south city centre, Dublin 2]. I had built it myself and use it all the time. It was taken yesterday morning. I was waiting to see if it might have popped up on Adverts or Done Deal to no avail. Some details: It had a Kyrptonite lock attached and Raleigh badge at the front. Its a silver single speed bike. Red saddle and yellow handlebars. Paint job is brand new. It had broken but functional pedals and an improvised drop bolt on the brakes (which is not a good idea I know). I built it myself and I would really like it back. Thanks for listening…




Gorugeen writes:

Truck spotted in cycle lane on Thomas st [Dublin] last night. The driver actually checked to see what room he had left!!!

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10 thoughts on “‘I Built It Myself’

  1. rotide

    That picture looks like it was taken pretty late at night. Come on, they need to park somewhere while delivering and I’d much rather he parked in a cycle lane at night than in the middle of the road during the day.

  2. lolly

    just like most bus-lanes, bicycle lanes are turned off after 19.00. Is there a sign saying this is a 24hr cycle lane?

  3. Alan C

    That truck is half on the footpath, which is an offense, and half in a dedicated cycle path with double yellow lines on the road part, another offense.
    While some may think it’s ok, it not allowed as its a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists that is not necessary.
    there is a parking bay about 5 meters further down from where there truck is actually parked.

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