Help Is On Its Way


90363985Paudie Coffey this afternoon

The Government hopes to end long-term homelessness by the end of 2016, according to Minister of State Paudie Coffey.
He was speaking before meeting more than 50 delegates involved in the sector with Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly to explore measures to alleviate the Dublin homelessness crisis. Fine Gael and Labour previously made a commitment to end homelessness in their Programme for Government. The term of the current Coalition will end in March 2016 at the latest.

Coalition repeats pledge to end homelessness, as forum starts (Olivia Kelly, Irish Times)

Meanwhile, four years ago:

The government will tomorrow publish a four-year strategy to eliminate long-term homelessness against a backdrop of claims from voluntary groups that homeless people are being turned away from services due to funding shortages.
About 40 key services for homeless people which were due to come on stream this year have been shelved due to a funding freeze imposed by the Health Service Executive (HSE).
Homeless agencies in Dublin and Cork say they are turning away dozens of homeless people as a result of their emergency beds being used to capacity.
Despite the lack of funding available to develop new services, the Government is due to publish a new strategy aimed at eliminating long-term homelessness by ensuring homeless people are not in emergency accommodation, such as shelters or BBs, for longer than six months.

Plan to end homelessness to be unveiled as funding freeze bites (Irish Times , August 20, 2008) -behind paywall

Good times.



The homeless summit this afternoon from left at Paudie Coffey (right), Community and Local Government, Alen Kelly TD, John McCarthy, Department General Secretary, Shirley Groarke, Principle Officer for Homelessness at Department, Annette O’Donnell, Dublin’s Catholic Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Church of Ireland Archbishop of Dublin Michael Jackson, Lynn Glanville, and Paul Reed, Fingal Chief Executive, at the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government.

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)

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38 thoughts on “Help Is On Its Way

    1. martco

      ah yea that’s great lads….thing is though you’ve almost completed your 4th year in government and you did nothing to date. ohno wait, you did. you contributed to this situation, you drove a lot of these people into the wall with your policies

      so it’s nice to hear you’re going to fix all of the problems, including the ones you’ve caused!

      spin away

      see you on the 10th

      1. ReproBertie

        Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. The vast majority of people didn’t give a fk about the homeless until a tragic death in a newsworthy location. The government could have ignored the sudden pressure and done nothing or reacted with a quick “we’ll fix it” statement but either way they were on to a loser.

        1. Kieran NYC


          Do nothing, they’re heartless – personally to blame for every bad thing in the country.

          Do something, it’s ‘electioneering’.

          It’d make you want to sit down and cry.

          1. Stephanenny

            There was one way they could have been onto a winner – doing something about this two years ago, or another way was by doing something a year ago, or six months ago.

            Responding to crises only when they hit the front page is extremely poor governing.

          2. ReproBertie

            Yes it is extremely poor governing but the only way that any Irish government responds to anything is if it appears on Prime Time or Joe Duffy. Had there been an outcry about homelessness six months or two years ago they’d have issued statements and promised fixes then.

          3. YourNan

            Governments in Democracies are a mirror image of the majority in the electorate. Sit on that and weep.

        1. italia'90

          Perhaps the second picture is an intervention by his many many important friends?
          I’m sure normal service will resume tomorrow.

    1. Maa

      You are right, unfortunately there will be many who will disagree with you. While most rough sleepers are happy for a dry bed and a shower if they can get it, there are many who won’t take an offer of a bed because of rows with other homeless people, drink and drugs.

    2. dhaughton99

      A parish priest who knows the man that died was on the radio this morning and said that his parents bought him 2 houses and each time he sold them and blew the money.

      1. Samuel

        And, my my cat’s friend’s owners heard the woman down the street … can that be confirmed? Talk about what can help, not gossiping about what can’t be confirmed. People are dying because few truely understand.

        We need a day of marching on the Government. To hell with the we-won’t-pay-the-water protests, some people haven’t even got a tap from which it would flow.

      1. Banotti

        They have lots of options but they constantly turn them down or mess them up because of their other problems.

    3. Eileen Roche

      ah so, Joan Burton speaks, only a few do not want help 90% do. Unemployed etc can’t rent because they have no money, they can’t get money/welfare because they do not have an address. That’s where homelessness and hopelessness starts. Have pity, you will have a warm bed tonight many won’t.

      1. scottser

        homeless people qualify for social welfare, single men go to the homeless persons unit at oisin house 212/3 pearse street, women and families go to hpu castle st. hpu also piloted a rent supplement fast track in 2014 which will be operational again in january. eileen, please stop with the knee-jerk sentimentality – it helps no-one.

        1. Eileen Roche

          Scottser, Homeless can wait up to 6 weeks before they get enough to feed them never mind pay rent on a place, ” Oisin House ” have you ever stood there and watched people who have lost their rented acc, because they lost a job etc. It is actually horrible to watch. Handed a pittance for a few days, treated like scum by some, and almost down on their knees asking for help, You mention pilot schemes, which seem to stop and start, ( January ) that is no good to the person who is freezing. In a world of computers and pps numbers things should be working a lot faster for these unfortunates, but it can take weeks even months before they are handed the proper paper work to apply for anything. Its a mess, the whole system needs changed and dare I say “so does the government”

          1. scottser

            i understand people go through hardship eileen, i just corrected your statement that ‘they can’t get money/welfare because they do not have an address’ – the offices i mentioned are the places to go. and in my experience the hpu give the people they serve far more latitude and understanding than a normal DSP officer would. also, it would be extremely rare that someone waits 6 weeks to get a claim processed through the hpu if they can demonstrate they have registered with their local authority as homeless.

            while i agree the system isn’t perfect, it was never anticipated it would deal with these numbers. as i have commented numerous times here, easier access to housing and housing supports together with a professional rented market is what’s needed here. bluster, sentiment and knee-jerking isn’t.

    4. scottser

      not true. you can help those who don’t want it but you’re on very shady ethical ground. if we as a society don’t want to see street deaths then we could physically force people into an overnight shelter whether they want to go or not. this of course should be unnecessary and in jurisdictions where this policy is enforced, the beds are always private and never dorm-style shared rooms.

  1. NotTheBogeyMan

    Please can we have more ‘New Initative’ posts with an accompanying ‘We Promised This x Years Ago’ content.
    This is a classic. Suggest ‘Broadband for All Homes’ or ‘Reduced Hispital Waiting Lists’ next.

    1. GiGi

      There are also those whose houses are owned by the bank paying interest only and whose property is only worth a third/quarter of what it is worth. People on €70,000 plus who can’t meet utility bills. The whole country needs a little help not just the very unlucky homeless. In a way there ate far more homeless people in Ireland technically. They’re just not living outdoors on the streets.

  2. Stephanenny

    If you could end ling term homelessness in a year and a half someone would have done it by now.

    I’d be asking them what their definitions of “end” and “long term” and “homelessness” are.

    1. Banotti

      The annual money spent on homelessness through government and charities would house the handful of homeless many times over.

      1. scottser

        if you housed all the homeless tomorrow, without the requisite supports i’d bet you 80% of those tenants would be served notice to quit within 6 months. and if they moved in beside you, you’d be the first to complain.

        housing homeless people is not just about bricks and mortar. how many fukn times do ye have to be told?

  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

    We’re the most reactive bunch of gobdaws: never proactive. Better late than never, though.
    I think money would be well spent on rehab of all kinds and more investment in mental health. Homelessness is at the end of a long, neglected road for most, I’d imagine.

    1. ahjayzis

      I, too, think it’s an unreasonably high standard that the government’s pre-requisite for action on anything that doesn’t focus-group well is someone’s (publicised) death.

  4. ABM

    Archbishop Martin doesn’t need need to invite the media to take his photo while posing in a “situation room”.

    He just gets on with it. His decisions are implemented in hours.

    1. scottser

      can it abm. i’ve dealt with dozens of homeless people made homeless by addictions caused by abuse in catholic schools. don’t even attempt to make martin out to be some kind of crusading hero; you and yours are far more explictly responsible for addiction and homelessness than the government.
      you arrogant d1ckhead.

    1. NotTheBogeyMan

      Fair play my arse. This isn’t the first time they’ve rolled this carp out. Read the OP FFS.

  5. The Citizen

    Ireland flips to the most illiberal society around in a heartbeat.

    Force people to live in houses now is it? What happened to a bit of free choice? If I wanted to live on the street with no cares and a bit of horse I’d be pretty pissed off if anyone tried to stop me.

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