Oh Christmas Tee



Dazzle your friends.

Take off your Xmas jumper to reveal your Xmas tee.

The wearing of items from the Savage Christmas Tee shirt range [see link below] at this time of year is a tradition as old as Jack Frost himself.

The range is available at Savage’s pop up store in conjunction with the Christmas Shirt Company in St. Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre.

We have two (yes TWO) Xmas jumper-style tees (as above) in 100 per cent cotton and in ANY size to recklessly give away.

Savage would like to you to tell them:

The worst present I have ever given was____________________to my____________________

Lines MUST close at 5.45pm 8.45pm

Savage Christmas Tee Shirts

Thanks Katie

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36 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tee

  1. Nessy

    The worst present I have ever given was a bunch of garlic to my friend who was moving to France to study. If I won, I would redeem myself by offering the t shirt to them

  2. Leela2011

    The worst present I have ever given was a bottle of Lynx and a handful of Roses each to my two brothers-in-law……… think I was about 15 but am morto every time I think of it :)

  3. squiggleyjoop

    The worst present I have ever given was 2 slices of toasted bread (toast) with an extremely high gluten content to my loud mouthed, irritating, coeliac nephew.

  4. Slugger

    The worst present I have ever given was a DVD of Mamma Mia to my mother for Christmas. My father still hasn’t forgiven me for stealing 109 minutes of his life.

  5. Shane

    The worst present I have ever given was a mint flavoured rope bone to my ex girl friends dog. The dog swallowed the bone and had to have his stomach pumped at the vets.

  6. ReproBertie

    The worst present I have ever given was a copy of Magnolia to my very strict Catholic father. I meant to get Memento and can just imagine his face when Tom Cruise started his “Respect the co(k” presentation.

  7. garthicus

    The worst present I’ve ever given was the watch I gave to the admin on Broadsheet who posts competitions with a closing time….

  8. Frilly Christmas Everyone*

    The worst present I have ever given was a giant stick of rock (Blarney) to me Nanna Lulu. She hadn’t a tooth in her head. The noise it made off her dentures has me laughing like an eejit here.

    T’was like a set of castanets …

    The oul’dote was drunk as a skunk and didn’t know what she was doing

  9. The Walsh

    The worst present I have ever given was a voucher for a famous Dublin barber shop (the waldorf) to my bald father (he went ballistic).

  10. Sheila

    I don’t have one, but I have a story of another.

    A woman who worked part time for my dad gave him a hairbrush for Christmas. He hasn’t had a hair on his head since he was 19, after an operation, every single strand fell out. I’m talking Yul Brynner bald. We’ve no idea what she was thinking, but it’s the thought that counts! I think she deservse the tee shirt… if I can track her down.

  11. les rock

    The worst present i ever got was every year from an uncle. A soap set, made me paranoid for years that i thought everyone in my family thought i stank. Had to recieve theraphy for years.

  12. Miriam

    The worst present I ever gave was a tissue holder box to my father. Wanted to be different instead of giving him hankies every year!

  13. Des

    My demented Granny once gave me a mint Easter egg for Christmas. Didn’t realise they dont do mint until is taken a bite, can still taste the mold….

  14. Tommy

    The worst present i have ever given was a yearly gift of pound shop aftershave to my brothers in law. Classy stuff called “Ferrari” and “Musk”. The lads dutifully took them home before binning them, apart from Alan, bit of an asshole to be honest.

    My sister divorced him last year, unrelated to my sad tale i think.

    1. Frilly Christmas Everyone*

      They sound like perfect brudder in law pressies

      I wish was allowed hand three of mine shittier than shit shit aftershave.

      I’d even make them try it out

      I Tell ya, I’d get high just watching the rash grow over their jowls.

      The fourth lad is pure GOP yank. An’ting t’do with Hillary would be the jobbie

  15. Janet

    The worst present I ever gave was to my Da. A classy hand made by me lumpy ceramic swan ashtray every year for ten years, God bless his patience.

  16. Mark

    The worst present I have ever given was a bottle of Pantene Pro-V to my mum. It was when I was young but I can’t say I’ve gotten much more thoughtful.

  17. superelectric

    The worst present I have ever given was a rowing machine to my 8 month pregnant wife. Couldn’t even sell it after she smashed it up!!

  18. schweddy

    The worst present I have ever given was a cheap plastic onion dicer gizmo to my mother. And of course it didn’t work.

    I think I had blocked out the whole purchase of and wrapping of said gift, because I remember being totally caught off guard by how mortified I felt when she opened it.

  19. I, Scooperman

    The worst present I have given was a smashed delf teapot to my mam. I got it in a pound shop and broke the spout off. She also knew my dad had given me 20 quid to buy her a present. She was genuinely upset. I was a little sh1t.

  20. Clifford Killeen

    The worst present I have ever given was a creme egg to my mother for her birthday, because I had bought the egg for myself, come in the door to be reminded about her birthday, and just handed it to her, cool as cucumbers.

  21. AhHereLeaveItOut

    During the previous Christmas, I bestowed to someone my central cardio-vascular muscle. However, during the following 24 hours, she regifted it.

  22. Mr T

    The worst present I have ever given was a William Shattner spoken word version of Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP to my office Secret Santa

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