8 thoughts on “PsychLOLogy

  1. Grouse

    It’s common knowledge that psychlology studies are only offered at Buzzfeed University, so who’s this joker?

  2. Owen

    “Hunny, hunny!! Pause… now rewind! O… M… G! I knew I saw a spelling mistake!!! Let me take a quick photo,.. there. I’ll be big on Broadsheets tomorrow with this my dear, oh yes, very big indeed. muhahah.. WOW, STOOOOP! Another one….?! Ho……Lee……Fuk! My dear, I think im going to be famous! (breathing heavy) Oh god, two spelling mistakes in one show… Oh God. Oh God……. (takes photo, wanders off into the night in aw of his find)”

    Ok, Ok, sorry, just having a laugh….. There is no way you have a girlfriend / wife.

  3. Quint

    Martin King’s weather graphics has a spelling mistake or typo every single day. Kind of extraordinary, really.

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