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Randonm selections from graphic designer Mark ‘Beeple’ Winkelmann’s 9-year, ongoing digital-illustration-a -day project.

More here.

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Apparently, you’d need 700 million table tennis balls to cover the surface of the golf course in Rio.

Now for yeh.

A scrolling graphic of fascinating, if useless, data by the Washington Post

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Artist Dino Tomic creates incredibly detailed works with a plastic squirt bottle filled with kitchen salt. his control of the medium is extremely impressive, so much so that a negative image of this depiction of an eye and eyebrow looks like a graphite pencil drawing.

More of this work below, and here.

atomiccircus8atomiccircus4 atomiccircus7 atomiccircus6


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German/Hungarian graphic designer David ‘Davidope’ Szakaly – one of the world’s leading proponents of the hypnotic gif.

Should your melon be insufficiently twisted, check out many more examples here.