Feathercut Art


ArisasWedding Circle-of-Flight crow-Roost-Tree eat-1deckle Humminbird-Flower-4 Hummingbird-Peacock hummingsucker-3
Artworks carved from feathers by the scalpel of artist Chris Maynard, who sez of them:

Each feather, though dead and discarded, keeps something of the bird’s essence. Since I work mostly with shed feathers, some of the birds that grew them are likely still living.

Feathers: Form & Function (Chris Maynard)


5 thoughts on “Feathercut Art

  1. Alfred E. Neumann

    This is disgusting. Some of those birds are clearly distressed.

    Shame on you, Broadsheet, for encouraging this kind of abuse. I thought you might have learned something after the dog in the straitjacket.

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