For The Day That’s In It



Pauline Power writes:

…my poem for the water charges protest to add to the others which I have found very inspiring. I marched against PAYE in the 1970s and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and today I am back on the streets. I would be grateful if you would share this around. I do not have a Facebook or twitter. I am 71 in January!

For The Day That’s In It
Now is the time to be counted
Our most precious resources change hands
Everyone watches the money go round
X marks the spot where it lands

Contract or not, they will crush you
Unless we all make the same stand
Sing out, all you brothers and sisters!
Everyone’s part of the band

Farmers and welders and till-girls
Old folks and bold folks and shams
Right left and centre, we all stand together
Sing out and we’ll take back our land!

Hear the authorities tremble
In cop-shops where force was once planned
This time we’re there in our thousands
Politicians, your time is at hand!

Out on the streets if you’re Irish!
Each boy girl and woman and man!
This is the day we seize freedom
Rise up and be part of the band!
You’re Irish and this is YOUR land!

(Pic: Sam Boal, Photocall Ireland)

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28 thoughts on “For The Day That’s In It

  1. martco

    very nice thank you!

    enroute to town now….a beautiful day for a powerful statement of intent

    you didn’t get the weather you’d hoped for, did you Kenny? but you will get sunk in a storm soon enough, conniver!

    1. Mister Mister

      Because they want all the services and welfare payments like pensions, paid for out of thin air ?

      In fairness, PAYE was ridiculously high at that period.

      1. Milo

        And PAYE will be ridiculously high again if water charges are abandoned because that’s where it will come from if these freeloaders get there way. Sickening how real civil rights movements are being trivialised by this lot on world human rights day.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      We have to fight poetry with poetry. I’m working on a pro-Sierra sonnet that should be a game-changer.

  2. Baz

    ‘Marched against Ronald Reagan’

    Why? Because he helped bring about the end of the Cold War? Or was it linked to the fact that he boosted his nations economy with rational economical policies that benefited all.

    Wonder what you marched against a great 2 term president for? You achieved nothing, Reagan goes down as a great President.

    1. Advertising On Police Cars

      Good ole Ronnie sure told them how to do Democarcy in El Salvador, Chile, Panama…fecking mope..

    2. Rob

      Funding genocide in Nicaragua maybe?

      It’s the PAYE one I find strange. What did we do before PAYE? Did everyone have to get an accountant in to file their tax return?

      1. Sorghum pallor

        Ah now! A good poem has often solved divisive complex problems. Maybe we should say a mass too?

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