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Farmers sleep in their cabs of their tractors outside the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin this morning

Further to the ongoing farmers’ protest in Dublin.

One of the farmers who has organised the protest, Daniel Long, told Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One this morning that the farmers will break up the protest if the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed “corrects” the Dáil record in regards to comments he made yesterday.

Mr Creed said that death threats had been made against management at C&D Pet Foods in Edgeworthstown in Co Longford – a company at the centre of injunction proceedings against two men, Fine Gael Cllr Paraic Brady, from Drumlish, Co Longford, and Colm Leonard, from Aughanoran Dring, Co Longford, preventing them and others from trespassing at or blockading the facility.

Mr O’Rourke earlier said that the show had got word from Mr Creed’s department that he has no intention to clarify or correct what he said.

Cllr Brady told Mr O’Rourke said:

“There was a PULSE when it was reported back four weeks ago, five weeks ago, but, to date, no member of management or staff has come forward to An Garda Siochana even on request, regarding they were willing to give a statement to move this forward.”

On Morning Ireland earlier, Fran McNulty reported that according to “Garda sources”, no complaint about death threats had been made by the company.

Yesterday, Mr Creed told the Dáil:

“…this is a matter which the Garda is aware of, senior management in that company have had death threats issued against them, and their partners and families have been intimidated in that local community.

“This is not simply an issue of the Government not wanting to resolve this issue. We are grappling with what are very difficult issues.

We have seen in other cases what happens when senior executives in companies are threatened. You, Deputy Mattie McGrath, may dismiss the significance of death threats against people. The Government does not.”

Mr Long told Mr O’Rourke that he told the minister this morning that what he said in the Dáil yesterday was not a true statement.

Asked how Mr Creed responded, the farmer said:

“He wasn’t very clear, he was evasive, I suppose would be the fairest way to put it, like. He said that was what was presented to him. He said he had a PULSE number. That’s kind of all he made of it like.”

Mr O’Rourke clarified with Mr Long: “The minister was relying on a record on the PULSE system?” to which Mr Long replied: “yeah”.

UPDATE: C& D has said that it DID report death threats to the gardai.

Listen back here

Dáil transcript: Oireachtas.ie

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RTÉ’s Agriculture Correspondent Fran McNulty tweetz:

Protesting farmers block the exit to Leinster House in Merrion Square, several Oireachtas members and staff unable to leave.

Ongoing road closures in Dublin says An Garda Síochána. Kevin Street, Cuffe Street, Kildare Street, Merrion Square South, Dawson Street & Merrion Row will remain closed tomorrow as farmer protests continue.

Farmers’ protest causes major disruption in Dublin (RTÉ)

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At a Ballyhea Says No protest in North Cork

Diarmuid Flynn writes:

Last protest march of 2019, continuing our campaign against the imposition of private bank debt on the public purse.

On the 19th Nov our National Treasury Management Agency announced that ‘NTMA cancels €500 million of the Irish Floating Rate Treasury Bond 2051’.

That’s a Promissory Note bond, the 4th such announcement this year. In plain English, it means that in exchange for four of the Prom Note bonds created when IBRC was liquidated, our NTMA has given 4 x €500 million to our Central Bank this year, that’s €2 billion, billions it had already borrowed on the open markets and for which we are now liable.

What the announcement DOESN’T say, however, is what the Central Bank did with those billions. To ‘cancel’ that €500 million, the Central Bank actually destroys the entire amount.

It’s all done via computer of course; there isn’t a van-load of hard currency delivered from the NTMA office to the Central Bank vault, there to be physically burned – a push of a button here, and the €500 million appears on the Central Bank books, a push of a button there and PUFF, it disappears, gone.

Four times this year this has happened, €2 billion borrowed and burned, and not a word of protest in the Irish media, not even a word by way of inquiry, even as pages are filled (justifiably so) on the waste of billions on the National Childrens’ Hospital, on the National Broadband Plan.

But we in Ballyhea Says Know continue to campaign, we continue to march. I will sit and debate this with anyone, anywhere, on any platform. Meanwhile, you’re welcome to join us this Sunday.

Ballyhea Says No: December Protest March (Facebook)

Scenes from an overcrowded psychiatric unit of University Hospital Waterford last week; outside the hospital this afternoon

This afternoon.

Outside University Hospital Waterford.

Psychiatric nurses and members of the Psychiatric Nurses Association protest over ongoing overcrowding at the hospital’s Acute Psychiatry Unit.

It follows The Irish Examiner publishing pictures of some patients sleeping on the floor of the unit last week.

The PNA has tweeted: “PNA is demanding that the HSE urgently address the deficit in mental health services in Waterford.

“The situation in UWH cannot be allowed to continue or repeated and the under resourcing and under staffing of the Waterford services must be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Waterford’s psychiatric nurses to strike in overcrowding protest (The Irish Examiner)

Pics: Cllr John Hearne and Psychiatric Nurses Association


From 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

Members of the LGBT+ community and their supporters will gather outside Leinster House to call for hate crime legislation.

Oisin Kenny, in Gay Community News, reports:

“The community will come together in Kildare Street to kiss as a declaration that action must be taken against homophobic violence.”

‘Shift the Hate Away’ to be held in protest of Irish Government’s response to hate crime law (GCN)

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Thanks Daniel

This afternoon.

Outside Leinster House.

Members and supporters of Extinction Rebellion hold a protest in response to comments about climate change made by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the launch of the government’s first progress report on its Climate Action Plan last Thursday.

Yesterday the Sunday Business Post reported that Mr Varadkar said:

“One thing that we definitely face as a result of climate change is warmer winters. We’re already experiencing warmer winters, and that actually means using less energy because it’s warmer and people need less heating, and it also means fewer deaths as a result of cold weather.

“It’s interesting that when you do look at those things, that there is a ledger, and there are benefits and there are downsides. The downsides outweigh the benefits but we need to be aware of them too.”


The group tweetz:

“… let’s take a look at Leo Varadkar’s ledger.”

Fewer deaths and warmer winters due to climate change: Varadkar (Aiden Corkery, Sunday Business Post)

Pic: Extinction Rebellion Ireland

Sarah Doherty tweetz:

“Last night, five XR [Extinction Rebellion] Ireland activists locked themselves to the gates of the Dail, resulting in their arrests. Twenty TDs were stuck inside until the early hours of the morning.

These activists had three demands:

– that the government enact the Climate Emergency Measures bill
– that the Shannon LNG project is ended
– that the government enact the recommendations of the Citizens Assembly on Climate Change

These people ranged from students to pensioners, and came from all over the country.

They were surrounded by friends, music, and love throughout 💚”

Extinction Rebellion protesters arrested after chaining themselves to Dáil (The Irish Times)

Extinction Rebellion Ireland

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Meanwhile, Across Dublin City


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Pic: Lois Kapila/Dublin Inquirer

This morning.

Outside Dublin City Council’s offices on Wood Quay, Dublin 8.

A protest highlighting Ireland’s growing homeless and housing crisis – organised by Inner City Helping Homeless, of which Cllr Anthony Flynn (above) is founder and Andy O’Sullivan (pics one, two and three) is a volunteer – is taking place.

Top pic: Hannah Elizabeth Murphy

Yesterday: Working Rough

Sam Boal/Rollingnews