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This afternoon.

In Dublin city centre.

Thousands of people marched in protest against the death of George Floyd during a police arrest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, on May 25.

Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin who was filmed kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck for eight minutes before he died has been charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.


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Sam Boal/Rollingnews


Meanwhile in Louisville, Kentucky in the US…

Investigation launched into LMPD, National Guard fatal shooting of West End restaurant owner (Courier Journal)

‘My son didn’t hurt nobody:’ David McAtee, Louisville business owner, killed by authorities (Courier Journal)

This afternoon.

In Dublin.

Childcare workers and parents take part in a protest over pay and conditions in the sector.

Last week Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone told providers that, following “legal advice”, they would lose State payments if they closed their centres in order to attend the protest.

However she reversed this decision following a public outcry.

Pics: Rollingnews June Shannon1916 Walking Tour and Gillian Brien PBP

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You Had The Power All Along

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Katherine Zappone

This afternoon.

Further to public outcry, Katherine Zappone has revised her decision to not pay childcare providers who close their service in order to attend a protest next Wednesday.

That initial decision, Ms Zappone said on Tuesday, was based on “legal advice”.

This afternoon, a press release from the Department for Children and Youth Affairs states:

Having considered the concerns and circumstances of the Childcare sector, Minister Zappone has instructed the Department of Children and Youth Affairs and Pobal to authorise payments to childcare services who close during the day of protest on February 5th.

Payments will be made on condition that Childcare Providers find an alternative, suitable date for parents to avail of childcare services in lieu of the day that the Service is closed.

Statement by Minister Katherine Zappone T.D. on payments to Childcare Services for the Day of Protest (Department of Children and Youth Affairs)

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Outside the constituency office of Fine Gael Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation Heather Humphreys in Cootehill, Co Cavan.

Galway CE Supervisor Network tweetz:

Fine Gael candidate Heather Humphreys was paid a visit by Cavan-based Community Employment Supervisors wondering why, while in Government, she didn’t honour the [2008] Labour Court recommendation to provide a pension for CE Supervisors.



Protesters also called for the pension at the opening of the new Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy bridge over the River Barrow between Glenmore in Co Kilkenny and New Ross, Co Wexford.

Also yesterday…

Demonstrators protested outside the constituency office of Minister for Education Joe McHugh in Donegal.

Pics via Wexford CE Supervisors and Kate Campbell


On Monday…

Protesters outside the constituency office of Fine Gael Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection Pat Breen in Ennis, Co Clare.

Via Galway CE Supervisor Network

Minister for Children Katherine Zappone

Twenty days ago, the Early Years Alliance announced its plans to hold a protest on Wednesday, February 5.

Thousands of providers are reportedly expected to take part.

However, Minister for Children Katherine Zappone on Tuesday released a circular telling providers that those who close their service in order to attend the protest will lose payments.

They’ve also been told that they cannot change their working calendar – to allow for the creches to close next Wednesday.

This morning. Paula Donohoe, of Clever Clogs Childcare in Ballyconnell, County Cavan, spoke to Seán O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One.

Asked about the circular from Ms Zappone’s department and if she will still attend the protest in light of it, Paula said:

“Yes, in fact, the circular, as of Tuesday, has probably made me even more resolute…this is the reason, the very reason we are going out on this protest is the behaviour of the department, and the minister and her department that led to Tuesday’s action.

“What Tuesday, the announcement on Tuesday was that they will not fund the services. Now I get that, if you’re not working, you don’t get paid.

“But we have always been entitled and able to, under our contractual arrangements with the department, to change our calendar.

“As long as we run it by [inaudible] on behalf of the department, which is the county childcare committee. I have had to do this in the past. There has never been a problem. I’ve changed my calendar and I’ve never had to to give a reason as to why I had to change my calendar.

“I’ve changed my calendar, had it approved and re-issued a new calendar.

“The circular on Tuesday, or the announcement on Tuesday by the minister, was that we are no longer allowed to actually change our calendars.

“My intention always was to close next Wednesday, the 5th of February but to provide the parents and children of my service…an alternative day so the children to not lose out.”

Mr O’Rourke asked Ms Donohoe if her 25 childcare workers will now lose a day’s pay because of the closure in order to attend the protest. She said:

“Absolutely not. I’m fighting on behalf of my staff for a very long time, for very low waged professionals. So, in my case, I can verify that they will get their wages.

“Whether I get my Government funding or not, those girls will get their wages. There is absolutely no way I will punish them.”

Good times.

Department of Children and Youth Affairs FAQs on the proposed Early Years protest 5 February 2020 (Department of Children and Youth Affairs)

Listen back in full here

Crèches closing for protest rally to be docked State funds (Independent.ie)

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The Dublin Cycling Campaign and their supporters held a “slow cycle” along the quays of the River Liffey “due to ongoing delays in developing the Liffey Cycle Route”.

They write:

The current official plans for the Liffey Cycle Route wouldn’t see the project implemented until 2024 at the earliest – that would be 13 years after the project was first proposed!

Liffey Cycle Protest (Dublin Cycling Campaign)

Pics: David A Karlström

On Friday.

A protest against homelessness will be held in Dublin city with supporters meeting at the Garden of Remembrance at 1pm.

The group behind the protest call themselves The People’s Movement.

They write:

“We have an opportunity here and if we don’t take it then it will be another four years before we get this same opportunity again

“Our beautiful island is being run into the ground and our people treated inhumanely by those elected to do right by us.

“Every day they hurt people in some form, wether it’s being made homeless because people can’t afford the rent or from being evicted and people left to die on trolleys.

“Our hospitals are overcrowded and understaffed and not sufficiently equipped. Children are queuing at soup runs to eat and take home packed lunches so they can eat in school the next day, childhood memories tainted by the damp walls of uninhabitable B&Bs and squashed hotel rooms with parents who cry themselves to sleep.

“They are selling our public lands, denying our people social housing and privatising our most vital services, crippling families through extortionate rents and taxes, selling off our gas and oil resources, all while lining their already heavy pockets, the list goes on and on.

“And if I continued to name how much they hurt people you all know that I would be here all day. Haven’t you had enough?”

The People’s Movement (Facebook)


This morning Daniel McConnell, of The Irish Examiner, reports:

As many as one in four children in some of the most disadvantaged primary schools in the country are homeless, with principals warning that the real figures could be even higher.

Schools are reporting that the number of children aged between five and 12 presenting as homeless have increased significantly in the past three years.

Rise in pupils without proper homes (Daniel McConnell, The Irish Examiner)

This lunchtime.

On Upper Merrion Street at the back of the Department of An Taoiseach.

Conor tweetz:

“Come into town for a meeting, they said. Be grand, they said…”


The tractors are reportedly setting off for Dublin Port before travelling to the M50 where they plan to hold a “slow protest”.

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