Laura writes:

Matilda looking delighted and full of festive joy in her new Christmas outfit :-) I think she’s happy deep down…

Does your pet love Xmas as much as Matilda? Your pets to marked ‘My Pet At Xmas’.

7 thoughts on “Happy Inside

  1. Helen O'Rahilly

    Anyone who dresses up an animal shouldn’t own a pet. They are not dolls. Animals deserve their dignity and to be manipulated into ridiculous costumes to give a few people a cheap laugh is just poor stewardship. Please, broadsheet, don’t show this sort of crap. Yes, I am an animal owner and no, I don’t lack a sense of humour. Leave the festive costumes to the humans, we look far worse in them and are far more deserving of the laughs.

    1. Zynks

      Oh, the poor little ….hold on, going to check if the neighbour will lend me his puppy for a photo session.

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