utv ireland

Only 22 more sleeps.

On the first day of 2015, UTV Ireland goes loive and they’re nearly ready.

A sharply dressed communications guru from the station writes:

UTV Ireland will launch in just 22 days on Sky channel 116, UPC channel 110, SAORVIEW channel 6 and eVision channel 108.

The fit out of our headquarters and HD studios in Dublin’s Docklands was recently completed and the team here is ready for our January 1st launch. We set up a time-lapse to capture the building of our headquarters and thought you might like to see it…

Needs more breakfast roll in fairness.

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UTV Ireland


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12 thoughts on “New TV

    1. Clampers Outside!

      It’ll no longer be on TV3, you won’t be able to get the regular UTV channel in the South as this replaces it, and the Corrie will be carried on this channel instead.

      That’s all, no real change then.

  1. Alfred E. Neumann

    I wonder what the effects of this will be. It will obviously damage TV3, which is no loss. But when they step up the pressure to get some/more of the licence fee, that will give the government strong leverage to make RTE (even more) docile.

      1. General Waste

        Yes they do. New TV3 soap Red Rock is in receipt of a ton of licence payers money through the BAI Sound & Vision fund. Basically nearly anything you see on ANY channel that is home-produced will have TV licence money in it.

      2. Alfred E. Neumann

        Hence “some/more”, rotide. I agree with GW’s point, but it’s not one I felt like arguing.

  2. Doctor Gonzo

    Why is it called UTV Ireland.

    Why isn’t it ITV? (Ireland Television)

    East Anglia TV UK make no sense.

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