B4h5v7YCIAISZQUcrowdThis afternoon.

John Gallagher writes:

This is a fraction of today’s Right2Water march. Second shot taken at corner of Merrion Square looking toward Merrion Street. March backed all the way Nassau Street…Garda say 30K. More like 100K on Wednesday at 2.00pm.



Jonny Pardoe tweetz:

All the way from College Green to Merrion Square. Count that!

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26 thoughts on “How Many?

  1. Mark

    Find these disputes really grating; 30,000 would be a huge number in itself. Real test will be the boycott of the charge.

  2. Simplelife

    Does it REALLY matter how many were there?? We can all see it was a big protest!! Shame some of it was disrupted by gougers on the bridge!

  3. Spartacus

    I find it interesting that those who would seek to denigrate the significance of today’s protest choose to do so by pointing at a “low” turnout of 30,000 on a bitterly cold midweek day in December.

    Not that I believe that figure for one second. Pravda RTE have a lot to answer for.

  4. Original Cynic

    Hours later I still can’t feel my toes but my heart is warm from the humour and unique form of Irish protest – perhaps we should emulate Brussels, Athens, Budapest and Paris.

  5. downtowntrain

    Brendan Ogle seems like a genuine fellow. Not like those other union heads with their six figure salaries.

      1. downtowntrain

        Heheh, christ, what a scoundrel. Do people even stop to wonder what they’re associating themselves with?

        1. Kieran NYC

          I guess it’s a “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” kinda thing. They’re that pissed, they’ll go along with Ogle, Sinn Féin and even Damien Dempsey.

    1. Tonyc

      Yeah . He really has the public’s interest at heart . He organized a lot of the strikes in Iarnroid Eireann which caused huge inconvenience and would have had no problem with ESB workers going on strike last year which would have resulted in major power cuts. Sound man OK. How much does he earn by the way?

  6. rotide

    It was nothing like 100k. Town during the Italia 90 homecoming was well over 100k and that was a different story altogether.

    30k seems about right.

  7. droid

    I walked around the whole thing nearly three times from 1 until about 3:30. It was solidly from westland row right around merrion square at one point, with nassau street full to Kildare st. and pockets of people scattered at the various entrances to Kildare st. Was hard to tell exactly as there was a lot of people coming and going all day.

    50,000 is a reasonable estimate. May have been more, 30,00 is definitely lowballing it. I noticed in that IT story about the crowdsize app they didn’t give the area they used for calculations.

    1. declan

      I presume this is it

      – from the article ” At the height of the demonstration today, the crowds extended all the way down Merrion Square west and around to Lincoln Place. The overspill also filled Nassau Street as far as the National Gallery.”

      The screen grab from the app also covers the same aproximate area

    2. droid

      They sould have shown a clear picture. From what I can see from the shitty half obscured screengrab, they’ve left out at least 25% of the crowd.

  8. mike

    From college green to merrion square: So when the Luas Green line extension is in place, it will be unable to function while there are protests going on. Great!

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