35 thoughts on “The Madding Crowd

    1. Freia

      We’ll get you some crayons and a join-the-dots, sit down there with your Mi-Wadi and don’t worry, pet.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Jeekers. You’re very angry today with the miwadi and the “grow a pair” comments. Here: have a slice of chill–cake.

      2. Rep

        Christ, I wasn’t even being smart. If I wanted to be smart, there was many placards there I could have mentioned. Nice dick move Freia

        1. scottser

          i was tickled by a lot of the banners, in fairness the standard’s pretty good. anyway it’s all about the big picture rep, the big picture.

  1. Selfie Sensation

    Am I the only one who things the current Water System is a shambles and isn’t violently opposed to paying a reasonable rate of about €160 a year to fix it so my water doesn’t get turned off for a week every Winter and people in exotic places like Roscommon can actually use it at all?

    1. ReproBertie

      No, I’m sure the rest of the FG shills in the FG interweb astroturfing team feel the same way.

      I’m kidding. I have no problem paying for water. I do have a problem with what appears to be dodgy dealings in awarding contracts and in the setting up Irish Water and with the waste of money around the set up.

      1. Selfie Sensation

        Actually now that I think about it I did once go out with a Girl Whose Parents were members of Fine Gael, I’m a total shill and my opinions are utterly compromised!

        1. One Dub

          I hate to be the one to tell you this Selfie Sensation, but a lot of us know that girl.
          Comfort yourself in the knowledge that you’re not alone, and don’t get stung again.

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Whadoo we want?
        Slightly better shambles!
        When do we want it?
        Whenever you guys can sort it out: no pressure, like!

      2. Medium Sized C

        The new system isn’t really a system yet.

        Its just the old system with a new organisation and loads of arguments.

          1. ReproBertie

            I didn’t read the full document. I had a quick look at section 7 and then searched the document for the word “gym” which was enough to satisfy me that they hadn’t justified the expense.

            I am under no illusions about the cost in setting up Irish Water. I’m also under no illusion about the ability of the people involved in spending this money to justify it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a waste.

            The Irish Water logo cost the same as the annual charges for 125 households. The gym comes to almost 344 annual household charges. There’s no justification for that.

          2. Steve

            So you think GIS, Maximo etc. are a waste of money?? Enlighten me on how to properly operate and maintain nationwide infrastructure without these IT systems in place. Get as technical as you want.

          3. ReproBertie

            Where did I say that?

            I said, specifically, the gym was a waste of money. I then added that the logo was a waste of money. Both of these wastes were part of setting up Irish Water. The idea that a household has to find another €160 per year to fork over so that staff in Irish Water will have the latest rowing machine is disgusting.

          4. Steve

            I agree with you on the gym / logo. Very poor. Your 2nd paragraph implies all set up costs were a waste. Apologies if I misunderstood. But if didn’t, then you haven’t got a clue with you’re talking about.

          5. Anne

            + €180,000,000 yoyos Retro.

            + €81,000 a week in legal fees

            + Murky Michael McNicholas (1 million shares in NTR)

            + + + etc..

  2. Pablo

    I like the Humpty Dumpty-themed one. The illustration, lettering and wording are all pleasingly old-world in style.

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