Was It For This?




Alan writes:

Bought this book of maps for my nephew. Just realised Ireland is not in it! Shakespeare’s not Irish!



The “UK’s best and worst” accents.

David Higgins writes:

Was it for this? (spoken in a smooth Dublin accent)

New Research Reveals The UK’s Sexiest Accents (And Ugliest) (Unilad)

17 thoughts on “Was It For This?

  1. Quint

    The map: is every single country included? Surely not, so why should Ireland be included? Yes, Shakespeare’s not Irish..they’ve just put his picture where Ireland would be as there’s not enough space on the UK map.

    As for the accents, it’s probably sexiest accents in the British Isles which technically correct.

    1. Sancho

      Depends how you define the “British Isles”. British Isles are a political descritption. Islands belonging to Britain. ie NI is included- Republic is not. (Ps. I dont care what those idiots on Wiki think British isles means. I interpret it on the basis of the words- isles of Britain.)

      1. mauriac

        British isles is redundant and insulting and should be dropped if only for politeness sake.How can it be great Britain and northern Ireland (formerly and Ireland) and the British isles.”but it a geographical term!”so was Aquitaine, Saxony,the British empire,Persia,Burma etc. things change.

        1. munkifisht

          No it isn’t. The British Isles is a geographic description based on the largest island in the region, that being Britain. Pretty usual thing to do when referring to a geographical region. The two main islands are Britain and Ireland. I have not even started to get into any political aspects, there are still geographical terms.

          1. mauriac

            British Isles ,Albion,Hibernia, Prydain,insula albionum,etc. etc.Geographical names change all the time.I think Atlantic isles has a nice ring.

        2. Luke Martin

          Yeah let’s say ‘the archipelagos’ every time we want to talk about what is known internationally as ‘the British Isles’ for politeness sake. Anal nonsense.

  2. Always Wright

    That map is clearly labelled ‘united Kingdom.’ The Republic of Ireland is not in the United Kingdom. Mystery solved. I’m fecking Jonathan Creek, so I am.

  3. Chucky R. Law

    The Queen is standing on France. With a soldier.
    broadsheet.fr will be outraged when they find out.

  4. dearmg

    Everytime i post something home (from Glasgow), i get asked ‘southern ireland or northern Ireland?’. Never fails to make me thick with them.

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