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The centre pole?


Thanks Mike O’Brien



Post box in Dublin city centre with the insignia of Britain’s King Edward VII (1901-1910)

Harry Warren writes:

In light of the proposed removal of various statues associated with imperialism and colonialism perhaps a fruitful area to explore would be the multiple Irish post and pillar boxes featuring the various British royal crests. These post boxes are to be found all over the country.

Many of the boxes still feature the royal crest from the three final British monarchs who had jurisdiction over Ireland – Queen Victoria, King Edward VIII and King George VI. Not exactly what one would expect to find in an independent republic!

Time for their removal anyone?


Last night: Scatter Our Enemies

Pics: Harry Warren

From top: St Giles Exhall, near Coventry, England; Part of a judgement banning a grave with an Irish language inscription at the church’s cemetery

Ah here.

Historian Dr Francis Young writes:

This is an absolutely extraordinary judgement from a Church of England consistory court, ruling that the Irish language cannot appear on a memorial on account of ‘the passions and feelings connected with the use of Irish Gaelic‘.

If the judgement had been based solely on concerns about comprehensibility for the majority of people in Coventry it might be defensible.

But the judgement not only rules against Irish on the grounds that it could be seen as a political statement, but proceeds on the *assumption* that the use of Irish must be a political statement unless the contrary can be shown (read the full judgement)

I am left open-mouthed at this apparent resurgence of old-fashioned anti-Irish prejudice, not only in a judicial tribunal, but in a judicial tribunal of the church. This is shocking

Full judgment here

Pic via St Giles