11 thoughts on “Dublin Berk

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      That’ll kill the scheme quicker than your wife’s ping pong trick kills parties.

  1. JoeO

    Stay cool. Nobody robs Dublin Bikes. This person correctly judged the necessity to “lock” the bike. And guess what, it wasn’t robbed.
    Also, no, people who use Dublin Bikes should not be made wear helmets.

    1. Benz

      Dublin Bikes do get stolen. Had one stolen on me last year and yes, it was locked better than above.They steal ’em for shits and giggles. It was recovered 6 weeks later.

      150 quid fine (for damage) and barred from the service until bike recovered.

      Seems harsh tbh.

      Also, when I rang them to report said stolen bike was told it was a pretty regular occurence. Thank you scrotes of Dublin.

      1. Kieran NYC

        I seem to remember theft/damage figures being very low… But that was years back and haven’t seen a few report since then. Maybe figures are rising and they’re keeping schtum?

  2. the good helen

    i agree they shouldnt have to wear helmets – as its much more fun seeing blood squirting all over the place than in a helmet! I do want to say another thing, but I won’t it would be too hurtful. to myself … and to the bikes.

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