32 thoughts on “The Head Of Hate

  1. Murtles

    It was the auto-filling of a Guinness in an Airport Bar in the States that I cryed a small tear at.

    One of these device you place the glass under and it fills the pint. No settling either, handed straight to the Customer (who obviously wasn’t from our fair isle either as he took a drink out of it straight away the heathen).

    1. Bejayziz

      There is no difference between a pint of Guinness poured in two parts and one poured in one part, it’s a marketing gimmick that has become gospel and yet more proof that people will believe anything

    2. LiamZero

      I too used to think it was sacrilege to drink from a pint before it had settled but that was before I actually tried it. Now I’d consider that the tastiest part of a Guinness.
      And this is from someone who has been a Guinness drinker for almost 20 years.

  2. Jock

    It will drink exactly the same as any other Guinness you’ve very drank. Hae it laugh at Irish people getting snobbish mistaking marketing gimmicks for ancient craft.

  3. italia'90

    Judging by the infusion of nitrogen bubbles and Co2 bubbles in that head I’d diagnose the problem as being an incorrect gas mixture used to pump the stout from the keg? I’d need to sample it first before giving a proper diagnosis of course. Perhaps 4-5 samples?

    1. Murtles

      Well it’s either drink or cats, we can’t have both.

      Since cats are shifty and can’t be trusted, drink it is. Now shut up, it’s your round.

  4. Spaghetti Hoop

    It’s about lack of training. English pubs will hire anyone to serve behind a bar. Take my advice Darragh and change your tipple when oot n’ aboot and pour your own pint o’ porter in your home.

    1. Chaplins 'Tache

      Looks like they’ve ran out of nitrogen and a using full carbon dioxide to pour it. Seen it been done in a few bars over here when there’s a newbie who doesn’t know how to change the gas.

      Bloody annoying at the best of times, but the first pint on a Monday? Terrible stuff.

  5. Chaplins 'Tache

    The only tip i can add is that never order a Guinness in a bar in England if you don’t see a load of people already drinking it.
    The standard has improved but there’s still a few places where they don’t pour off the first couple of pints , which means you’re drinking whatever was in the pipes from the previous night.

    Can’t comment on the current state of practice in pubs in Ireland- my nostalgia head says it doesn’t happen at home, but i haven’t been there in a while.

  6. Dirmius

    I once had Guinness in New York where the barman pulled to the top and then used a knife to scrape the head off completely. He then put in 2 ice cubes and served it to me.

  7. Shivynbear

    Why would you be drinking guiness in London for anyway ?
    Place is overflowing with world beers craft beer not to mention real ales.

    1. Chaplins 'Tache

      Ales are hit and miss for me.
      As for the craft beers…. hard to get in a decent pub. I’ve got the age where a bar is too much like hard work.
      Showing me age now… sigh.

  8. kevin Keegan

    If you split a Guinness up into 32 equal measures.I believe the head would be equal to 6 of those measures.

  9. john boy

    That’s what used to be called a pint with a Bishop’s Collar.It would be handed back with look of derision and much sucking of air through the teeth. A proper pint should have a priest’s collar whereas a christian brother’s collar would be too small of a head. Great days!

    1. scottser

      prompts the gag; what have a priest and a pint of guinness got in common? a bad one will tear the @rse out of you..

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