Are They Haven A Laugh?



Ryan Ellis (left) of the Americans for Tax Reform making the case for Ireland being a poster child for low corporate taxation.

Our corporate tax rates aren’t low.

The US tax rates are too high.

Or something.

A presentation in Dublin on international tax and Ireland by free market lobbyists Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) chaired by Eamon Delaney – urging Ireland to resist EU tax harmonisation, keep our 12.5 per cent (and usually a lot less) corporation tax rate.

Eamon writes:

The ATR philosophy is quite specific and for many even provocative : that companies are being over taxed generally, especially in the US, thus driving them overseas and creating phenomena like inversion and the double Irish and the Luxembourg situation….

Seems fair.


Americans For Tax reform

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12 thoughts on “Are They Haven A Laugh?

  1. Medium Sized C

    Jaysus. Go back. Our taxes are WAY too low. Absolutely no need for the US to drop their rates…..

  2. ahjayzis

    12.5 is pretty low. But what they actually pay is paltry. instead of the whole world dropping it’s rates to match our 2% for multinationals, why don’t we all raise it to a reasonable level so that society can consistently actually benefit from the companies it spawns?

  3. Hashtag Diversity

    The Irish tax rate is a matter for the Irish people. Why the other 87.5% of the tax doesn’t go back to U.S. schools and social services is a matter for the U.S. people.

    Still, they’re taking the piss.

    It strikes me that if Google can spend 100s of Ks on a party then they can pay more tax.

    And then there’s this:

    Google’s 2,200 “miracle” workers in Ireland produces 41% of the world sales but on a worldwide basis the search engine giant employed 53,861 full-time employees. (2012). How could this possibly be?

  4. Kolmo

    wow, multi-national anti-social corporations trying to tell sovereign governments what to do – what type of banana republic would let them dictate how to tax and run a state….oh..

    f*ck it – tax the sh*t out of the native workers in those firms….

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