Dick The Walls With Balls Of Holly








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This morning

On the Mill Road in The Tenters, Dublin 8.

Noelle Fox writes:

“It’s that time of year again for The Tenter’s favourite anonymous graffiti artist to create his/her Merry Dickmas mural on Mill Street, Dublin 8, as the awning currently remains unblemished!”

“To paraphrase Nick Cave, we call upon the artist to explain… It’s not Christmas until it’s Dickmas!”

“From Noelle, Laura & Aisling, and neighbours Emma, Sinead, Alison, Paul, Keith, Niall, Aoife, and everyone else in The Tenters who appreciates the stunning work of this reclusive genius.”


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27 thoughts on “Dick The Walls With Balls Of Holly

  1. rotide

    It must be christmas because this is the third post that made me laugh. 2013 is particularly good.

    Waiting for this year with baited breath.

  2. Mark Dennehy

    It’s a protest. See, back in the day, we celebrated the solstice ‘cos it marked the point where you knew the days weren’t going to get shorter and shorter until the sun went away and you starved to death in the cold and dark at the back of the cave. So we had a big party, got drunk and got laid and had fun.

    Then along come the Christians who said that *actually*, this is when Christ was born (er, no, that was September lads), and so we decorate the house with a tree (that’s a German pagan thing fellas) and holly (shut up druids, we know, but they seem to be a bit mad this lot) and mistletoe (can pagans sue for IP theft?) and we give gifts (honestly, you’d think the Romans would defend Saturnalia a bit more, wouldn’t you?) and for twenty-four hours, we talk about peace and goodwill towards all men (except the gays and people who’re pro-choice) before we get back to business as usual.

    So Dickmas is really a call to everyone to return to the old ways, to the real life-affirming message of the solstice and to celebrate by getting well and truly pissed and/or laid.

    It’s deeply spiritual really…

  3. Larissa

    We have to make this happen, Noelle, every day I walk past with hope in my heart – and still, no Merry Dickmas. It’s just not the same in the Tenters without it. The last one was up til about June. Come on Anonymous Graffiti Person!

    1. Noelle

      Still nothing yet Larissa, it’s 22nd December! Time to put up Missing Dick posters?

      If this is the end of the road with Merry Dickmas, things will never been the same again around our way… It’s great that Mill Street is getting redeveloped of late but we must retain our dirty heart!

      Come forth great artist!

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