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Dáithí writes…

“Seen this on the way home from work on Monday evening, at the junction of Pleasant and Heytesbury streets in Dublin 8 (facing an easterly direction) at around 5.30pm and not sure exactly what I’m seeing here… either Ireland has a secret space programme we don’t know about or the “plane” on the left has an unusual trajectory relative to the one on the right..”









Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.44.28

This morning

On the Mill Road in The Tenters, Dublin 8.

Noelle Fox writes:

“It’s that time of year again for The Tenter’s favourite anonymous graffiti artist to create his/her Merry Dickmas mural on Mill Street, Dublin 8, as the awning currently remains unblemished!”

“To paraphrase Nick Cave, we call upon the artist to explain… It’s not Christmas until it’s Dickmas!”

“From Noelle, Laura & Aisling, and neighbours Emma, Sinead, Alison, Paul, Keith, Niall, Aoife, and everyone else in The Tenters who appreciates the stunning work of this reclusive genius.”


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A video showing a vicious assault on a woman on the Number 40 bus near Old Kilmainham village, Dublin 8, at 10.15pm on July 23.

Do you know him?

[viewer discretion advised]

UPDATE: see comments

Thanks Eric Haffabee


Green Party candidate for Galway City Centre Ward Seamus Sheridan highlights the 23 [TWENTY THREE] shopping centres in Galway and another one is on the way.

Thanks Olaf

Meanwhile in Dublin 8…

photo 2

Leon writes:

Looks like someone’s not into the Green Party down on Francis St.