Love And Rocket’s


Rockets x 1 Rockets x 2Rocket’s by Eddie Rocket in the IFSC


A jukebox-less Eddie-on-the-go.

Sez Frankie:

Rocket’s At Eddie Rockets is now open at North Wall Quay, IFSC [Dublin] and will open at Jervis Shopping Centre [Dublin 1] later this week [with the appointment of 50 new staff]
The new concept  serve up Eddie Rocket’s best sellers but will also include made-to-order salads and delicious combinations such as Bubble dog (hot-dog and prosecco), Egg E Muffins and ‘little’ versions of Eddie Rocket’s famous hamburgers. Also We have two x €50 vouchers for Rocket’s by Eddie Rocket’s for two Broadsheet as perfect stocking fillers to giveaway…..

To enter, please complete this sentence.

‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved_______________________________’

Lines MUST close at 4.15pm MIDNIGHT

Eddie Rocket’s

No cash, favours, prosecco-smeared ‘dogs’, etc. given for this post

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97 thoughts on “Love And Rocket’s

  1. Hank

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved being surprised that such run of the mill fast food could cost so much..’

  2. Diddley Aye

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience is spread over three visits when the main burger patty, the slider patty and the garlic sauce portions were reduced in size.

    Twas magical. Do I win?

  3. Royal M

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved being refused service by a waitress because there was a minimum charge and all I wanted was a cup of tea. I remember thinking I’ll never come back here ever again unless they give me a €50 voucher’

  4. Brian

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved what I thought was a closed bottle of ketchup, followed by me shaking it vigorously. Ketchup all over me and people in the booths to my left and right.
    Shake it off shake it off!!

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Except it was not a bottle and that was not ketchup. The healing process cannot begin until you admit that Brian.

    2. realPolithicks

      My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience was when some bo**ix in the booth next to me shook his fu*king bottle of ketchup with the lid off and it went all over the me and the mates. 50euro is the least I deserve!

  5. Diddley Aye

    Oh and the size of the soft drink tumbler. Eddie Rocket, I salute your frugality in these troubled times.

  6. Terapin

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved The Beach Boys, an Onion Ring Rocket and a packet of Elastoplast plaster’

  7. essex

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved_______________________________ having a tasty meal with friends. Atmosphere was fun and hip. We all enjoyed dining@Eddie’s Place!’

  8. Lisa Powell

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved my friend playing ‘Suicide is Painless’ the M*A*S*H theme tune, on repeat on the jukebox for what must have been almost 30 minutes. We stifled our glee as the mood in the restaurant plummeted. My face hurt from trying not to laugh. Great times. great times.

  9. dhaughton99

    Not much love for the ‘Rocket’ here it seems. Wonder would CrackBird fair any better?
    Whats the food like anyway?

  10. Goosey Lucy

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved an impromptu singalong in their Wexford street branch, after a verrry long night on the town. Some future crooner at another booth started belting out to Elvis and pretty soon everyone was joining in. Nice little buzz going

  11. Mark Coghlan

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved bringing 60 kids from summer camp to get a milkshake. The look on their faces as they drank/slathered the milkshake all over their faces will live with me and the100 packets of baby wipes forever. A special moment in my life.

  12. Sheila

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved me as a kid putting money in the table top jukebox and waiting excitedly for my chosen tune to play… and waiting and waiting etc… oh, I’m still waiting

  13. bumbasqwuat

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved a loud-hailer, carbolic soap and and the gardaí.

  14. Mort

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved measuring my footlong!

    On a serious note, has anyone been recently? I have, the food is great, it’s not health food but it’s tastly, it certainly not be called over priced at all, the menu range is huge. You can get a daycent feed for a tenner if you wish. It’s clean-really clean, rarely a wait, the staff are always friendly and quick. I like the burgers! And the malts and the little juke boxes and i do my Fonze impression on every visit.

    Give me an Eddies over Joe, Gourmet, Counter, Bunsen – Burger any day!

    After Rick’s it’s my second fave burger.

    1. deliverancecountry

      Oh I could demolish a Rick’s burger right now!
      *stares across fields of rain in the general direction of Dubbalin town.

  15. Emily Palmer

    Hi Broadsheet!

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved myself, my husband Rob, our friend Loko and his girlfriend Sam on her last night out in Dublin. We got a little Tipsy or you could say over the edge and decided to go on an adventure around Christchuch showing her the sites and sounds of Dublin at night. We got a bit peckish (more like a hungry hungry hippo feeling) so we decided to walk down Dame Street to see what we could eat. Low and behold we say the Red/White lights of Eddies. Since Sam is American we thought how fitting, an “American Diner experience in Dublin”. We got in and the staff were so nice! Even though we were a bit LOUD and debating (shouting) on which songs we should play next on the Jukebox. We all shared Sweet potatoe Fries, Milkshakes and Burgers, was a real “Family experience” haha We had the best of times and was so sad to see Sam leave….however….She is back in town over Christmas and we would love to re live our family time at Eddies! It was such a good time and memory that we all share (with a dash of cringe feelings!)

    Now can I have the vouchers? haha

  16. Ally Del

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved large garlic fries, a chicken burger with extra secret sauce, a chocolate malt, and a non-believer. She instantly caved to temptation and, mimicking me, started mixing all three god-sent foods together. Delish!’

  17. Me Myself

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved hungoverly craving their bacon and cheese fries (I have a slight obsession with their ‘cheese’). I unenthusiastically made my way to the Dame Street restaurant which is close to my apartment and ordered garlic mushrooms and bacon cheese fries to take away. Waiting for what seemed like hours (was only about 20 mins) I eventually plucked up the courage to ask where my food was and why it was taking so long, to which they replied ‘Oh sorry, forgot to put the order in’. After another wait I made the trip home, made myself comfortable on the couch ready for my hungover feed only to realise that they had given me regular fries with NO bacon or cheese. I cried a little. Worst hangover ever! :-(

  18. TK ickle

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved staggering into the one on Dame Street about 12 years ago for some of the Garlic fries.

    I toppled into a booth occupied by a lass and was as apologetic as I could be. I nearly used full sentences.

    I married her a few years later.

  19. Mani

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved getting takeaway, opening the takeaway at home and finding my burger had been previously digested, pounded into a patty and inserted into a bun that look so depressed it must have been reading Sylvia Plath right before it was gently exposed to a grill and given the healthy pallor of a Burmese prisoner of war.

      1. Corvo

        How can you read four lines into that and not understand that the adjective is ironic? This is not a rhetorical question. I’d love to hear your process.

  20. Davey T

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved seeing a recent prize of theirs- a years free burgers for one- and predicting the slow, lonely, painful descent into misery that the winner will endure, building heart disease and tonnes of excess fat, all the while doing it alone

  21. skibum

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved a large slice of tomato and the security guard, I had specifically ordered my burger without tomato, ended up well with him just shaking his head at me….. think he realised I was very tired and very hungry……..

  22. fluffybiscuits

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved me getting sick after eating their chicken goujons about ten years ago, put me right off the place. The jacks was splattered with all kinds of everything as Dana might say

  23. serveandreturn

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved discovering I had enough money to not only treat my date to cinema tickets, but also some Eddie Rockets in Stillorgan! Shame the film choice was Saw 3 and I was too shook to display my trademark wit over cheesy fries and coke. Good times all the same!

  24. Chris

    one week after get wisdom teeth out. I could only eat liquid during this time. Eddie Rockets was my first solid food after this was i can safely say it was epic. Will stick with me forever.

  25. Mikeyfex

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved sitting by the window in the Baggot St one curiously watching a dog across the road lean arse-first against the wall of the Tesco there, strain and twitch for a bit, and then saunter away revealing a lovely brown surprise which had adhered to the wall nicely about 6inches below the window. Thanks Eddie Rockets. Thanks doggie.

  26. dylad

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved having a half decent milkshake ruined by the vomit smell emanating from the cleaner’s mop.

  27. Dave

    The look from the security guard after a member of our group – in a fairly drunken state – got her food, cheered, and ran out the door without paying.

  28. Nessy

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved finishing up second year in school munching on a bowl of chips and onion rings, washed down with a vanilla malt.

  29. Petalkozie

    My most memorable experience at Eddie rocket’s was from when I used to work. Sunday mornings always involved having a few sneaky tokes of a spliff out back with the chef before the restaurant opened. One particular morning the weed was really strong. So strong in fact that I immediately went green and had to go home. Had to come up with some cockininy story for my mum as to why I was pale as a sheet and barfing, even though I was fine an hour before when heading to work! Looking back, I’m sure she knew- lol.

  30. James

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved sitting in their restaurant on Wexford street at 2 in the morning when a dwarf, dressed as Elvis, eating a double stack, and using his oreo milkshake as a microphone, serenaded two Ban Gardaí with a rendition of ‘Love me tender’.

  31. pmc

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience is being gee-eyed and trying to score with my hot Film Studies lecturer – following him into the toilets and everything. He’s not gay. I am. Morto.

    Actually – the shame – I don’t want to win for that.

    1. AhHereLeaveItOut

      My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience was one fateful day when I came close to fulfilling my ultimate sexual fantasy, and perhaps even finding True Romance. I was teaching film studies at the time, and went with my students (whom I could describe only as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly) to Eddie’s for a shake and a bite, and some food too. Alas, despite all my best efforts the young man who had keenly grabbed my attention and attraction seemed blissfully unaware of my desire. Even a chance moment in the toilets, that most poetic and romantic of love-making arenas, failed to produce a close encounter of the sexy kind. Had things gone well, it would have been Up, Deep Impact and then Gone in 60 Seconds. If only he had known I was gay. If only he had had the courage to make a move. If only…

  32. Anonanoanom

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved being on holiday and not actually being in an eddies rockets. It was a Johnny Rockets and it was god awful. I remember thinking as soon as i get back to Dublin im getting a proper Eddies Rockets.

  33. Ron

    My most memorable Eddie Rockets Experience was back in 1992 on South Anne St. I had won a prize to see WCW Wreslting Superstar “Sting” – unfortunately I ate too much, drank 2 milkshakes and when it was my turn to pose for a photo, I got sick all over his ‘fake’ diamond encrusted wrestling boots.
    Good times in Eddies!

  34. Caroline

    Being brought to Eddie Rockets by my parents the day after having received the worst hickeying of my life. I’m sure my sudden insistence on wearing a purple silk scarf around my neck was absolutely not totally definitely obvious at all.

    (I was 26.)

  35. Dan

    ‘My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved being taken to Eddie’s by my sister and tasting their unmistakeable vanilla shake for the first time. Heaven!”

  36. schweddy

    My most memorable Eddie Rockets moment was when I woke up after a session in Whelans with yellow fingers. Took me a few hours to remember that we’d ended up in Eddie Rockets and that I’d absolutely destroyed a bowl of cheese chips.

  37. Selina Vav

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved taking a trip down to Killarney and we popped into Eddie Rocket’s for a bite to eat. As we waited for our food, we decided to give the Juke box a go. Not really sure why cause never usually works…But low and behold the minute we selected our song IT CAME ON!!!!

  38. Shrub Rocketeer

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel and Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’

  39. Mr T

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved a typical Friday night in Kiely’s, a few too many pints of Ken, a curious incident, and what was later described as a dog in a nightdress. It’s almost two decades later, but I’ve grown quite attached to him

  40. Sam

    My friend in work saying to me on Payday (afer being skint for three days) lets go to Eddie Rockets and we each have to spend at least a tenner.

  41. Starina

    my most memorable eddie rockets experience includes working for them as a waitress on the night shift (6pm to 6am), with staff made of a combo of refugees and (wonderful, funny and hard-working), subjected to nightly racist abuse from customers (“go back to your own country”, even to Irish staff) and then finishing the night sadly watching the company-paid bus taking the McDonald’s staff home at 6am while i tried to decide whether to take a taxi home (€€€) or walk alone. (no buses that early on a sunday)

  42. SB

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved my daughter not realising it was sugar she was pouring over her chips. She had never seen one of those salt-shaker-like sugar dispensers before. Sweet!

  43. Kieran NYC

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved the one time I got the jukebox to actually work. I was smug for about an hour after.

    Also – “‘little’ versions of Eddie Rocket’s famous hamburgers”? Sliders, no?

    Any winnings will go to my friends in Dublin who I miss quite a lot!

  44. Snow Queen Frilly Keane

    My most memorable Eddie Rockets experience involved… Your first one. In its opening week. Walked in wi’himself. Young wan, sur we were all young wans then, ran the length of those black n white tiles, in her white shirt and crepe hat, squealing n leaping up onta’ himself. I swear this is true.
    Anyway I just shrugged off that yer wan musta knew him from his gick days

    Fuss over. Grub got. Great stuff.
    (In fact its as good and reliable today. No matter what location you’re at. )

    Anyway, back to the sceal, went to pay, I produced a credit card, and yer’wan, South Side Bint, announced in full South Side Bint
    ” I’m still a virgin” and waved my Trustee Savings Bank CC in the air.
    “I’m a credit card virgin”
    “I need someone to show me how to use it”

    20mins later ….


    Now. I’ve just asked the butler now about this. He hasn’t a clue who she was. But he was a bitta’ve a Pink head ‘Sound man about town then, so….

    Anyway. Great Success Story.

    Still visit regularly.
    Well done everyone.
    South Side Bint inc. Wherever ya ended up.

  45. Gina Tonic

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved an evening meal with my Jewish friend. She rang her mother to say she was home before sundown on the sabbath, but she was actually in Eddie’s with me tucking into a hot dog. Oy vey!

  46. Orla

    Was… one of the lads getting locked in Eddie’s toilet, and ringing in his order from his temporary cell. I can’t quite remember how that evening ended.

  47. Artemis

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involved that one time we inadvertently forgot to pay at 3 in the morning..

  48. Laura

    …washing the dishes in the Donnybrook diner after realising we didn’t have enough money to pay for our feast!!

  49. Cloflo

    My most memorable Eddie Rocket’s experience involves every Christmas eve for the past few years meeting my best friend in town, we both live abroad and meet up to traipse around getting all of her Christmas shopping, then hit Eddies for the long overdue catch up

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